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Dec 28, 2003
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Hi slowly! Here is your partial astrology reading, I hope you enjoy!

Let me give a brief explanation of how this works:

I am going to start with the 3 most important aspects of anyone’s astrology chart. One is a position during the time of one’s birth, which is the eastern horizon (the rising sign) and the other 2 is what are called ‘lights’, the sun and the moon and what signs reside in those. These 3 aspects will and can tell a person about their ego and your vitality,(sun) where it is acted out,(the house) their emotions, how you react to situations and process information that comes to you(moon) and your rising sign, which to most modern day astrologers is the personality traits that you show to others while you “hide” away your sun sign characteristics. Now keep in mind that the entire astrological chart is important, and no one factor is THE factor, they all play a part and a role in making us who we are. These three are just considered the most important when first READING a chart.

Very briefly, I won’t relay too much information on how to read a chart, Aquil has a lot of information on that in his links, if you want to check them out. However, just for clarification. There are 12 houses in an astrological wheel or chart. Each house has a theme that is carries. The planets, lights and signs will flavor that houses theme and add or take away something according to many factors. I will briefly explain how your energy is played out in the house that it sits in, there may be other planets, signs and nodes that can be factored in as well but I will not include here today due to a time factor and whether or not you may want me to proceed further. In the future, tying in all these other factors in is key to completely seeing how your positive energy and challenges are played out within any given house.

The first light or planet that I will show you is the Sun, the sun’s characteristics are: ego, and vitality. This is how you shine, how you project your inner personality. Usually only those that are close to you will feel or see there characteristics as it relates by sun sign position.

Your sun sign is in the astrological sign of Scorpio: Slowly this means that your underlying energy is mysterious, your powers of penetration is through intense emotional power!

Scorpio rules the processes of fundamental transformation on all levels. You never deal with life superficially. You have tremendous strong will and penetrate below the surface of any situation. You will project intense emotional feelings into whatever, you are doing. You often will have a strong sexual nature. You are secretive, and self-sufficient, but sometimes not easily self assured. You will never actively seek applause or the lime light. You can also be definite in your opinions and can lose all sense of judgement under criticism. When you are under any kind of attack, you make effective use of both silence and sarcasm. You are also known for your notorious sting when angered and you often will seek revenge when wronged by others.

Positive expression: You are generous, compassionate, magnetic, healers, passionate, strong and very loyal. You can be ambitious, resourceful and courageous.

Challenging expression: You can be possessive, jealous, stubborn, violent, revengeful, suspicious and sarcastic. You will not forget when wronged. You can be a psychic vampire and an egoist.

Karmic sun sign lesson: You must learn the constant struggle to conquer your desires through positive creative use of your will.

Slowly, I see you are on the tail end of the cusp. Moving from Libra to Scorpio. I will add a little bit of information here on how that influences your Sun Sign Scorpio characteristics.

Born from October 23 through October 27.

Slowly you are a Scorpio with Libra tendencies. There is an elegance to your personality t hat normally you would not possess if you did not have this influence. You have charm, are good natured and believe it or not people respond to that. You have a talent for expressing your opinions in an apt and amusing way. You also have a strong will but unless you are upset or crossed you often will not show it. In your love feelings they run deep and you tend to be cautious. You don’t commit yourself easily due to the fact that you fear being hurt or rejected. How does this play into your sun sign characteristics mentioned above? It means that have the Libra influence softens you a bit and takes away that Scorpio sting some what!

Your sun is found in the 11th house of your chart: This means that you express your vitality in the house that represents friendships, organizations, and charity. This is the humanitarian house, it is universal in thought and its expression. You find your nature best suited to friendships. You can easily investigate, research and explore many avenues of success with groups and organizations with Scorpio residing here. You will have an almost intuitive sense of what can and will be “right” for the group. You may also have the ability to raise money for groups and organizations as Scorpio can rule other peoples money. Being in the 11th house again, speaks volumes to you possibly not having very many friends, or a lot of friends. You tend to be picky in who you consider to be close to you and find yourself choosing friends very cautiously. Your other friends might not know each other, as you tend to be secretive and possessive. You may also keep secrets from your friends, but also from any groups or organizations that you do work for. Scorpio being deeply psychic may also have these kinds of connections to friends, knowing what they are feeling on a deep intuitive level. They better not try and lie to you, if they do they will regret it!

Your Rising sign in astrology is considered as the mask that you show others, it hides your sun sign characteristics. This is how others will see you in life.

Your rising sign is in the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a sign that embodies the energy that is always searching for an ideal. Sagittarians have a strong need for adventure and exploration. You tend to go through life always looking and searching for something that will add dimension to your existence. You have a strong need to search and explore. At times this is expressed through learning and exploring new philosophies or traveling with the mind, while searching for the meaning of life. This can also be applied when doing actual travel to foreign countries as Sagittarius rules the 10th house in the zodiac, with one of the characteristics being foreign affairs and different cultures. Sagittarius’ can be known to be the”bachelors and bachelorettes” of the zodiac, because you have an intense love of liberty and freedom. You have a strong belief in the truth, which sometimes can cause you to blurt out what you are thinking before you think about it first.
*note*(This trait coupled with Scorpio’s use of sarcasm and venom makes your words very powerful and most often painful, so remember to take care not to hurt others needlessly!!)

Positive Expression: You are energetic, naturally outgoing, positive thinker, honest, just and generous. You are also magnanimous, charming, straightforward and bold.

Challenging Expression: You can be narrow-minded, bigoted, dogmatic, a religious fanatic, you can jump to conclusion without taking everything into consideration first. You can exaggerate, be dictatorial and loud mouthed!

The last aspect that I will cover in your partial reading is the moon. The moon is domestic and nurturing. It gives way to emotions and is deeply sensitive. It rules our subconscious responses to situations due to ingrained habit patterns and early childhood conditioning. In astrology it rules both your mother and yourself as a mother.

Your moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, its correct placement!!

The energy that Cancer signifies is emotion, and an instinctive nurturing and protective empathy.
Cancers are strongly linked to domesticity and homemaking. You are quietly tenacious and work hard for the welfare of your family. Your purposes, like your moods are changeable. Cancer’s (moon signs as well) live in their feelings and affections and respond with their emotions, not their minds. You are extraordinarily sensitive and fearful of ridicule. Security is very important to you and you are the master of using passive resistance You are home loving, fond of family life and domestic tranquility.

I find your moon in Cancer in the 8th house of Scorpio which rules sex, death, (figurative or literal), your partner’s resources ($$), inheritance and regeneration. What does this mean? It means that you are highly psychic!! Your emotions and feelings are connected deeply with your ancestors on a subconscience level. You feel strongly about situations involving death and will try and find some meaning to the cause and the individuals account in life. Sexually you are very emotional and can be psychically connected to your partner, knowing if they are genuinely feeling the physical sensual side of your nature. You can have a mother or mother figure that assists you with money or who will leave you some money. You like to be nurtured and nurture in return.

*note* I also see another planetary placement in your 8th house, combined with your moon in cancer will greatly influence and change (add) this interpretation. Therefore this aspect is just a generalization.

Slowly, I hope you enjoyed your partial reading! If you would like to purchase a full reading which can also come with an over the phone interpretation, either PM at or my personal email address@

Angelic soul:spinstar:

All rights to this report are the sole property of Angelic soul creations and any duplication of this information will be punishable by law©


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Feb 20, 2006
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Right now I'm speechless

as I'm reading this, I'm seeing my life flash before my eyes. Too bad you can't change the past! Too much of this hits home. Thank you very much.


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Dec 27, 2005
angelic soul, do you know vedic astrology?

can I have a reading? please?


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Dec 28, 2003
I gotta a job while I chase my dream
You are so welcome, yes astrology can be an eye opener, but remember what is in the past is in the past, you can look forward to a different future by getting to know yourself better! Good Luck and many blessings!

Peace and light
Angelic soul


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Dec 28, 2003
I gotta a job while I chase my dream
Hi there!

Sure you can have a reading. Please provide me with your exact time of birth, day,Month and year. If you do not have your birth time, then I will look at another planet in your chart that I feel has major signifigance. Let me know what kind of reading you would like, I also do numerology. If you would like that done, I will need your full name at birth, along with your birth date, day, month and year, there is no birth time needed for this one. You can pm the information to me if you wish. My suggestion is for you to take a look at Knightwolf's numerology report, if you haven't done already so you can get an idea. Both astrology and numerology readings are very accurate and can show simiular information. I might add that Knightwolf was very pleased with his reading as well!

To answer your question about Vedic Astrology, I have heard of it, but have not done in depth research on it to know how it works or to know much detail to it's origins. It sounds interesting, the little bit that I do know. However, traditional astrology is so intense and so deep within and of its self that I have dedicated my time and devotion to it!

Take care I-Khan

Peace, blessings and light

Angelic Soul
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