Black Poetry : Slow it down


going above and beyond
Aug 20, 2010
Look upon w/ a frown
But to find a way cost them dollar signs
Push it through while time is always bought up
Its OK I copywrite this sip
Look at the view smell the residue look again to see slow it down
Act like your feeling a down cover that ur ancestors once sown
Back to that copywrite bought out to be theirs
To go down the way of tears
Wanting to become stuck but finally a 1st sip comes
Already believed in its form
Therefore, all hell breaks lose as we approach the bottom known as sarcasm
Slowing down to the flow of Destee ain't an easy bake
One thing for sure this & she ain't fake
For the strong make it happen 4 the sake of taking back what's hers
Copywrited slowly & acutely long ago.

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