Brother AACOOLDRE : Slaves in America or Egypt/Canaan?


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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

“Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them, and they shall afflict them four hundred years…but in the fourth generation they shall come hither again (Genesis 15:13-16.

Louis Farrakhan interpretations of the prophesy wrongly thinks this prophesy was talking about black people in America being slaves to whites, a classic szchopherenic application of data.


The prophesy describes two events: four hundred years of affliction in a strange land and a return to a homeland after four generations. Biblical scholars have assumed that the return was from Egypt to Canaan after a period of four hundred years of slavery in the strange land of Egypt. Given the present form of the text, it’s not easy to disagree with such an interpretation. Nevertheless, I would like to suggest an alternative:

1. Departure after 4 hundred years and the return in 4 generations describe two separate and distinct events.

2. The strange land was Canaan, not Egypt

3. The affliction in the “strange land” refers to what the Hyksos kings from Canaan did to the people of Egypt.

4. The return in 4 generations referred to the return of a Theban ruler in lower Egypt after the expulsion of the Hyksos.

5.The 4 generations were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

6. The reference to 4 hundred years of affliction mistakenly combines two separate afflictions, one was what he Hyksos kings of Canaan did to the people of Egypt, the other was what the Egyptians did to the followers of Akhenaton from which Moses served.

7 “To give them land of Canaan…wherein they were Strangers” (Exodus 6:4) Egypt isn’t the strange land Canaan is. It says the same in Genesis 17:8, 37:1

8. Abraham never left Egypt to Canaan. Can’t go south to Canaan only into Upper Egypt.

9. The period of slavery lasted about 30 years from 1340BC-1315.

The key to reconstructing the prophesy is to recognize that originally it was written from a native Egyptian perspective and describes events happening in Egypt. The redactors confusion originated in the belief that the children of Israel were Canaanites, not Egyptians. In his mind a return home meant a return to Canaan, and a strange land meant Egypt. Not familiar with the Hyksos conquest, the only affliction he knew of was that which led to the departure of Egypt. As a result the two separate afflictions were thought of as a single continuous event, and in stitching together the narrative from diverse sources, he changed the places of origin and return so that they accorded with his own notions.

For further explanation of this essay check out Gary Greenbergs’s two bomb shell books: “The Bible Myth” and of course “101 myths of the Bible”
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