Jan 22, 2001
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Louisiana Judge Timothy Ellender appeared at a Holloween party in shackles, an afro wig, and blackface makeup last year.

A white judge who appeared at a Halloween party last year with an inmate jumpsuit, an Afro wig and a coating of black face paint goes before the Louisiana Supreme Court Tuesday facing a possible suspension. The Judiciary Commission of Louisiana, which investigates complaints of misconduct, has recommended a one-year suspension without pay for state District Judge Timothy Ellender of Terrebonne Parish.

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May 16, 2002
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..."Ellender, a white judge first elected to the bench in 1983, showed up at the party without the black face paint, but added it at the suggestion of his brother-in-law, who was dressed as Buckwheat...."


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Feb 1, 2005
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wtf? c'mon folks; when it is warranted, say (preferably "do") something. this was a halloween party; everybody dresses up as ghosts, goblins and all sorts of stuff, remember?

to me the fact that this has gained attention shows just how flaked out all this mess really is. how about something important? but that would be work, tho, eh?

sure, we don't like it, but have none of us ever done anything similar? (or why not?) caricature is fair game, ain't it?

now, if this had been any other time, any other place? raise h4ll. it was a halloween party, for pete's sake! ???

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