Black Poetry : Six Stanzas of Desparation


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
On the inside of my mind
are perturbed thoughts
resting in obscure angles
on the precipice of
counting fingers and toes

A series of
complex sighs makes
the room loud
closing my eyes
my conscience is sitting
silently on the
other life of this sofa
telling me that
I don't know how the
French Riveria feels
at sun set or
just how vast
are the skies
blue my passing thoughts'

On the inside of my mind
all things matter
they seem to be caught
in the impatience of a

On the inside of my mind
it's so peculiar
and so preserve a calm
from calamity
... sounds through this
grove of a shattered spate
of resonances jarring the
mind awake

On the inside of my mind
into one's self come in again
where Once upon a time
is old
if ever now wants to begin again
I hear an echo as my heart unfolds

On the inside of my mind
empty space it comes to be
rooms full of possibility
... a depth so great
... a way so free



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Dec 20, 2001

On the inside of the mind is the way to be free.
I dig!! I like!! I love!!


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Apr 2, 2001
girl... that's only 5 stanza's of desparation...
the 6th one made you free!
GREAT flow!!!!!

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