Black Poetry : Sit Down My Young Brother Let A Woman Tell You What It Takes To Be A Man


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Sit Down My Young Brother Let Me Teach You About Life.

What it takes to be a man is not what you wear beneath your pants.
What it takes to be a man is not the labels that you wear.
What it takes to be a man is not how loud you can speak.
What it takes to be a man is not how many notches you put in your belt.
What it takes to be a man is honor of self.
What it takes to be a man is walk away from trouble when it confronts you in your face. Wearing your pants below your as- it only signifies that you are incapable of being self.

Remember my son to catch a girls eye is to be an individual of self.
A soft spoken tone will make girls wonder who you are.
A clean cut guy will always catch a girls eyes.
When you are a loner it makes people wonder who you are.
Education is important even though the thug is tempting ,
But what makes you special your validation speaks for it self.

Sometimes it gets lonely being by self.
But look at the benefits behind it no one can claim
you committed a crime along with someone else.
To be a man is to walk with dignity.
To be a man is to be selective of associations.
To be a man is to look and listen.
To be a man is turn away from things that are given to easily.
To be a man is to think for self.
To be a man is to remember God comes first.

To be a man mother is always honored.
To be a man is to have a forgiving heart .
Even at times when you are targeted.
To be a man is to respect the queen,
and every woman that come your way.
Even when they are not worthy.
Stand up and teach the words of forgiveness.

Rise my brother to another level of understanding.
Continue to stand by the code of wisdom.
You shall grow my king with great honor.
Never call A Girl a Bit-- or Wh--
pop her colar in silence, your words
will carry her through life.
Never be afraid to shed a tear.
Forget about those myths,
you have feelings like everyone else.
Beware of the girl you choose.
Nice is sexy break all the rules.

Never determine size in the place of love.
That big girl may be your treasures in life to come.
Never choose color to pick your mate.
look at the picture before you choose the frame.
Never use the term ugly when choosen a mate.
Beauty may be the beast, and ugly may bring great love.

Words shall be the deliverance,
that man shall embrace the words of love.
Humble is the emotions of a scholar,
the treasures of Wisdom, knowledge,
Understanding, silence in time of harm,
Messages from the almighty silence of the beast.

The reign of dignity,
the spirit of master imagery the mind,
that thinks for self.
The separation of wisdom
my young brother let me take you
to another level of thought.

Your seed is the blessing from God.
It is like a virgin don’t tarnish your foundation
If love is not there to bond.
Killing a seed is a sin before God.
Every seed that is use shall be accountable
when you are stung by the scorpions,
When you use it as a garbage disposal
Inserting it into a lustful cause.
You are the symbol of creations.
Be careful where you plant it.
It will become a nightmare,
Even though the seed is innocent.
The seed of innocents shall be the sins of the father.

The honor of you thy young king,
The seed that builds foundations.
The seed that breed lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientist,
Presidents shall be the seed that you have been blessed with.
You are a King a legend of Gods grace and the molding of thy
Image a miracle of God.

Let no man tell you that you can never be a star.
Let no man tell you because of your color you will never
Own property are Corporations of this world.
Let no man haunt you that life is only one way.
Listen to a sister who has broke all the chains
man said the black face could not go.

Read my young King be a master of all crafts.
The blood that runs through your vein is the same as mind.
Meditate each and every day.
Control your mind, never let your mind control you.
Seek and you shall find only if God is first.
Everything you touch will turn to Gold.

Wisdom is powerful and knowledge is wealth.
You are the armor of my chest and the my
Legacy shall be passed on.

Never put poison within your temple.
It is the master plan to keep you blinded.
Never sale drugs to your community are friends.
You are the black face to help the devil kill your most precious jewels.
Loyalty to your brothers and respect will be
The armor of your title in life.
Never be afraid to be call a coward.
Gangsters dye young every day.

It takes a village to raise one child. :geek:


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Mar 21, 2001
very very well said and so true so on point
the message well given ....speak on
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