Jan 30, 2005
During the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 13th, 21-year-old Bernard Burden was discovered at a front yard tree, noose and barbed wire around his neck, after a night of playing cards and talking on the telephone at a home in Grantville, Georgia., about 15 minutes outside of Newnan and Interstate 85, along with his White girlfriend, 17-year-old Hope Watson.

When reached at her home for incident clarification and comment, Watson hung up the phone after declaring, “just let it go, and don’t call back no more!” (According to Bernard’s mother, Pless, Watson is serving five years probation for setting her son on fire earlier this year.)

To: District Attorney Pete Skandalakis
On the morning of October 13, 2004 an African Man by the name of Bernard C. Burden was found hung from a tree in the yard of a white family in Grantville, GA. His feet were touching the ground with his knees bent. The Coroner Wimp Pierce ruled it a suicide. There was a house full of people that night and no Criminal Investigation was done. No one was charged as suspects in a possible homicide despite the numerous contradictions:

1) How is it possible for a person to hang himself while his feet are still touching the ground and knees bent?

2) Chris, resident of the home, says he found Bernard hung at approximately 7:00am, yet 911 was not called until 8:30am.

3) Police Chief Ramos of Grantville stated that no police investigation was necessary because the Coroner, Wimp Pierce did an investigation. Since when are Coroners trained and authorized to perform criminal investigations?

4) When Ms. Pless, the mother of the victim, requested that the Coroner perform a toxicology test to see if drugs were in Bernard's system, he rigidly refused.

These are just a few of the contradictions that warrant a full criminal investigation.

Reparations to Bernard's family and the African Community!
Imprisonment of those responsible for his death!
Community Control of Police!

Please help us get a minimum of 200 signatures for this document!
Post a link to this petition on every mailing list, forum, and website that we own. If possible send out a notice to your email rolodex.

Petitions only work when 100s and 1,000s of signatures are collected! Feel free to use the photograph posted futher along in the thread


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