Black Short Stories : short story plot...tell me what you guys think.


Feb 15, 2006
Judgment Day is set in the Chilton Correctional Facility for women, in rural North Carolina. The story opens with a new inmate, Zora’s Sanchez enduring the cold, disheartening ritual of in-processing.

While adjusting to the climate of prison life, she is introduced to her cell mate Jessica Jefferson, a 6 year veteran of the correctional facility awaiting her first parole hearing in the spring.

After Zora is nearly raped by a vicious group of inmates and rescued by her cellmate Jessica; Zora begins to see Jessica as more of a human being instead of another criminal she shares a cell with. As time passes, they become close friends who confide in one another their deepest fears and wildest dreams. Zora helps to acquaint Jessica with a world she has long been absent from, and Jessica helps Zora get in touch with her spirit and find a connection with God. Through their vulnerability Zora develops a passion for Jessica that takes their friendly affection to an intimate level.

Although they have fallen in love with each other, things get rocky as Jessica gets closer to her parole hearing. While Zora has yet to tell her husband that she has fallen in love with someone else, the reality of Jessica’s release becomes more realistic to the couple as they realize they may be forced into separation in a matter of weeks.

As the hearing date approaches, the two make choices that will change the course of their lives forever.


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Mar 21, 2001
this was a great read and start .......Bring on another part
to open this really up nice job i like .


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Apr 30, 2006
This is a great plot, i would definetly be willing to read the whole thing. it is different and i think for even coming up with it you deserve a pat on the back. work hard on it and don't give up. we need more great writers



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Mar 12, 2006
Chicago, IL/Atlanta, GA
Very interesting:welldone:
Although I don't personally think ANY love is great enough to keep someone in the county. Much less prison :)
The plot brings to mind the movie Stranger Inside. It's similar, except the love interest is one of a presumed Mother/Daughter nature.

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