Black Poetry : SHE SAID


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May 11, 2006

I flirt and my skirt too wet to lift but you can get a sniff
Of my deep perfume that I keep in the room you swift
With words, my breasts today are like fresh cut hay you
Wanna graze in my pastures be amazed after a few
Kisses, unravel my hair and travel through the air like
Birds on crack use words with facts bring emotions all type
look but I’m shook up from a love letter you wrote you hope
To get some of this but one dumb kiss won’t do it doe broke
The bed thinking head sinking deeper into dreams but nope
Alert and flirt this attract guys facts flies like kites and choke
The weak, in the car cruise much can’t lose touch with reality
If i do a fatality will occur and still I prefer back rubs in actuality
Proceed to lead and let my seed feed those hungry for knowledge
work in my lawn brief it's beyond belief the number weeds are garbage
need college to learn about them, but right now in VIRGINIA BEACH
with my skirt pulled down flirt walking around when i twerk boys reach
down try drop my panties they wanna talk to a redbone and head home mellow and
ready yellow and sweaty thighs, she's in a bold hot spot now a boy with plan
roll up in a drop top and hop right to her eardrum with a clear sum of love
words now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH "HE SAID' "LOOK BOO you above
the rim you wanna win my trust and it begin with us with in your pie crust
a lot of sweet stuff my car is a drop top so far I'm a hot shot I thrust
dubs on my ride it could be just us strolling down the shore or walking around
in a store we can get down with even more, have to choose from two things hound
and wear true bling eat steak as a winner and have cake for dinner played by
the rule stayed in school never quit afraid to be a fool so I'm here to try
grab a chick quick and have a picnic so my bed home and I need a redbone so
I'm powering starting a flowering garden so I can pick you a rose you'll go
loco when you smell it, tonight matter is like flight data believe i can fly
after I squeeze your pie sure know how to tease a guy so let please try
to satisfy your phat pie and MY stats are fly" "NAW PLAYER you try lie
and get some, a shower is dope and like a powerboat the water rides you
this affair wild like a hairstyle I prepare for a wild meeting a few
boys lose their mind I'm aware they blind, life is fly and you maybe
a nice guy need advice before you try get some doe can't come slow crazy
desire to flirt got fireworks under my skirt if i twerk boys go berserk
tonight I'm amaze have to fight the blaze like firemen, hype and alert
my lips red cake but the kissing a headache go to bed and take a Bayer
aspirin anyway with plenty to say my panties are soaked and you a player
love clutter the skies like butterflies may need wings to proceed with things
oh my panties are so wet may have to go get tissue oh love wings and stings
the facts I see is you try attract me with serious intention not to mention
the tonguing kisses I'm about to receive no doubt you wanna squeeze my invention
that is booty and waist as a cutie got taste beauty lace my body like your bling
you crave for flow and behave as though I don't know that, just stuff I bring
flirt and go with the work flow but I'm alert doe, want to take a swing
"TONIGHT BOO your eyes could be bight blue with contact lens hear birds sings
I fell in love not stupid but like CUPID shot and arrow my plot is narrow boo
look our hope could end on a sour note after an hour of dope conversation
so a date await comes to sex high status need pie apparatus and domination
this is a corruptive world and you a seductive girl it's a complex deal how
you use sex appeal to exploit men it's a Detroit trend that's been around wow
hard fame is like a card game deal with kings and aces then go chase bling
and laces so boo let me hit your thing in places like the bedroom chut ching
look i taste rum and love like a bass drum has a deep boom that keep the room
fresh don't know which tune the best in the stereo jump in the car and go zoom
flagrant how i kick it but like a fragrant liquid it smell good like your perfume
"ALERT MY BREASTS is a work in progress and my twerK jest mess up a boy's head
they seem to enjoy the bed got a hot strut in lace and not a nut case you misled
but you chase me around town wanting some, strut butt for boy luck instead
use my mind to think sometime but need a distinct outline to blend gradually
and I'm in the wind madly with my hair blowing in affair knowing gladly
I'm gonna escape this you want some cake and a kiss, it's a urge with words
that we become one and have a ton of fun but we not done yet? some verbs
that show action ready to turn tail and run, my bra too; hot to unravel
so far a kiss do a lot of travel but stop on the gravel of my interstate
and you become a winner of cake to have dinner would be great with a date
thought swift while you caught a whiff of white diamond tried to hide too late
it already fill the air plus I'm thrill in this affair my gravy rocket and like
DAVEY CROCKETTE killed a bear, kits a sweet smell and boys in the street fell hype
to their knees I'm aware of these trick talkers lying and trying to hit the skins
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