Black Poetry : SHE SAID:


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May 11, 2006

Wanna lift my dress and catch a whiff of my fresh //
lemon perfume then I'll be doomed in the room best //
i pull my dress down need flowers and spices while //
love power slices my heart, where to start jest smile //
my breasts renown softly and like fresh ground coffee //
they have fragrance and perk when I twerk back off me //
I'm in an ill affair and love fill the air like smoke //
so bow wow a dog locate the bait by smell no joke //
in the car you be parking but so far barking up //
the wrong tree sing a song for me starting my luck //
having negotiations on locations like WALMART all //
these smart boys go for the gusto and must flow tall //
love in my eardrum in the club I hear none but it appear //
some got through because my panties wet as heck my dear //
life is great and like a slice of cake it could be sweet //
and a boy should eat, some girls would greet this it's street //
this is digital and bold playing a pivotal role in a love //
affair can't hug despair wanna rub my hair and then hug //
I REMEMBER a boy try in December to get some at the club //
gave me a phat hug and kissed my red lips my head trips //
mini-skirt almost up in smoke like CHEECH AND CHUNG flips //
my brain speech among the best to get up under my dress //
I was impress a boy could do that, would new stats test //
me? I think not my breasts nipple out Wild Wild west //
like WILL SMITH don't know what to say and my dress //
is pulled down, its sweet luck and cake I keep up-to-date //
the streets buck my fate i duck don't hesitate must escape //
the DJ he play hit after hit he master it far as good music //
can use it some boys try talk sweet stuff but they lose it //
so I'm at the club listening at a thug he love kissing now //
wanna hug, my mind steady I'm fine and sweaty time to somehow //
get ready for what I'm about to hear I'm in a mixed dimension //
got round eyes and brown thighs really he jest fix his attention //
on my body wanted a home party, of course when in an affair //
must mend and repair plus the wind in my hair and like FREDISTAIR //
Singing in the Rain while bringing the pain of love affair gone raw //
"LOOK BOO love the club vibes let me rub your thighs above //
the skies would be proud got pies for crying out loud a hug //
could set it off your thing already sweaty wet and soft" "OH //
YEAH not gonna take my panties off doe you may toss them go loco //
panties land on the rearview mirror boys may shed a tear or two //
G-funk era if he can't get none I'm a wet one here in clear view //
so dear boo give me a break let me live with cake don't fear you" //
"OK LISTEN here boo gonna be kissing you getting tongue and stuff //
sprung and up to snuff I come here hot just to huff and puff //
details exact they prevail in fact sometimes females track down //
boys, I understand you wet I plan to get a queen size bed brown //
for us mess around thrust tongue down my throat give you a crown //
I live downtown because I hound around looking for pound cake //
at home stay ill and lay still stable my groove unable to make //
a move eat a bagel and be smooth rap label soothe wanna take //
you to bed from the tone of the club to home on the rug it's late //
pass your bedtime time for red wine my head shine after polishing it //
rub my skull don't love seagulls they steal folks lunch and munch //
on the spice ham twice had to slam-dunk one, birds absurd had to punch //
one out, look this is rooted rap and eluded perhaps and polluted //
with traps and included are maps to pinpoint bed locations feuded //

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May 11, 2006
with traps and included are maps to pinpoint bed locations feuded //
with boys I got breasts and dress for success try be the best //
won't settle for less boys meddle with the rest so what you suggest?" //
"THIS IS BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH girl your thing shook and phat //
time to take a look at that, came into the garden with game and menu //
starting to grow crops and flow a lot ain't no stop in this friends do //
acknowledge this in college I'm gonna kiss your lips girl wanna win boo //
we begin to fall in love after speaking all the above, you in a min-dress //
with plenty of breasts many test you to try and get some it's a bird nest //
got gravy I'm defending but this could be a crazy ending, depending on //
the outcome, I glimpse at your body want phat party to take place at home //
involving cake and lace don't make me chase you boo got drop top it's chrome //
we can go fast to the room and crash to our doom between the sheets and girl //
your cream is sweet and boys seem to wanna eat that well when you go and hurl //
butt like that look out, lets go to the car and from there I'll show the bar //
"OK WE GO see no reason not to I'm a hot boo and my panties are wet and so far //
the club rock don't rather you thug or not you sure love a lot of kissing my
my tongue get sucked also open my trap door you rap galore you really try //
and get some, my behavior rude but it flavor food like pepper it a ham- //
burger helper, so I'm a nestle brown and like freshly ground spices boys //
hang around for slices, soar with reasons like the four seasons it enjoys //
dividing a year, you wear bling drive a hummer in spring and summer and toys //
with girl's mind this world is designed with haters sometime in elevators //
they "all the way up" like fat joe, so we left the club happy celebrators //
his flow slams like programs my body just candy yams to him, now we approach //
the car, his art double and that start trouble for rapping it happen coach //
saw us we stop only for a minute strongly he wanted to get up in it he jest //
kissed my lips right there in the parking lot beside his car oh my mini dress //
pulled up a little I yanked it back down he wanted some looked at my breasts //
of course they have poking nipples oh a BROWN SOUL SISTA go through a lot //
here in Virginia Beach," "LOOK BOO I'm ready to jump off a ridge and slam-dunk //
a bridge plus got beer in the fridge at home you phat and not alone not a chump //



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May 11, 2006
a bridge plus got beer in the fridge at home you phat and not alone not a chump //
get dressed with wet breasts so impressed how they grew //
hey threw on a dress and bra to impress at the bar a few //
boys stare i crossed my thighs in lost in their eyes best do //
the right thing like SPIKE LEE this is a kiss trap the way you //
twist crap, think you wanna accelerate my train and devastate //
my brain but I'm not ready go down tracks I'm brown got cake //
you mess around and take some can't fake none of this it make //
for a romantic task it's panic to; ask for some at this time //
use perfume in America and assume the character on sweet girl //
and streets whirl around me I'm brown and be sexy that's world //
on a platter," oh he jest kissed her lips, this kiss start //
the beauty as part of his duty she use to be a Walmart cutie art //
come in many sizes and plenty surprises her skirt almost up part //
of this is to kiss and get some tongue her tongue and stay legit don't //
play the hypocrite , he thought whack and was caught in the act //
He bought a Cadillac last month and now the task jump on his plate //
and now he want cake, in order get that wet stat gonna need a date //
oh he plead for cake need to take a break he scream and beg for what's //
between her legs galore hot the car door lock there is more shock as he //
kissed her lips again, he jest got some more tongue she moved her wet thing // around "GIRL YOU GONNA make me rip this backseat getting some letting none //
escape it's all cake," then he gave her a VIRGINIA BEACH KISSS and done //
he have a plan he jest grab her hand went to the backseat and crash to //
their doom wanna smash my perfume, scent in his nose "YOU GOT class boo //
she lie down pie so brown she moved her thing around he pushed up //
her skirt whoosh! a little flirt he sucked her breasts she couldn't duck //
any of this mess he tongued her navel jest a sprung love label with luck //
He pulled down her panties and stuck his tongue right in a brownie aw shucks //
she almost had a fit so glad of it, oh she touched her own breast milk skeet //
her body built unique guilt from the street oh he was going crazy on backseat //
a brown SOUL SISTA IN HEAT oh a BROWN SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA // BEACH boys wanna reach and eat the peach after a weak speech sometime a ninja //
knows better than that need plans and stats oh she didn't know what to do yall //
boys love them cream pies between a girl's thighs, "THAT FEEL so good WANT ALL //
the tongue you so sprung

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