Black Poetry : SHE SAID: survived playing cat and mouse a boy arrived at my house knocked on the door i was in shoc


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID: survived playing cat and mouse a boy arrived at my house knocked on the door i was in shock galore said boo you a hot cute and i wanna knock the boots wow when a boy want a girl's do-nut this is how he show up huh? had facts not to mention that his words attract my attention oh so dumb this begin "boo can I come in? I was like yeah , yeah and no no like Destiny child I had the recipe so I smiled and let him in he had a wet grin on his face CAN SEE THE DELIGHT IN HIS FOREHEAD i WORE RED plus he adore the bed especially if my thighs spread that's jest pie and bread, "not a jive dame but you strive to gain a unique advantage wanna take me in the room eat my sandwich but no damage I'll jest duck that one" look I'm in hummers with plans great along with a number of candidates, this can become political and critical real quick, when my cake start to take part now my bedroom is open and my perfume is smoking so boom you're hoping to get some, look the love winds are swift and hard to contend with when you begin to sniff my perfume, oh he jest shut the door "girl you got butt galore oh he jest kissed her lips right there in the house and realized it's BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH wet facts from the tiptop of a tender peach can't render my speech it's a splendor to reach folks, concerned got fine pie and boys can't turn a blind eye to that look and be shook, peeped saw hater sneak into theaters what kind of movie is that drama? Disaster talk come faster than a walk boys are like dogs they run across road with boss load of barking and growl on the prowl for sex, I'm sweet and brown feet on the ground unique heat around my thing, may stay in the hallway all day if he don't make a play what can a girl say, strut butt softly get a cup of coffee and sip with my lips while a boy try grip my hips oh stop it! they want the cream pies between my thighs make me scream and cries they come with extreme lies to get that, down there the juice hype flow exciting and go like lightning and boys get struck by that and with my luck my pie is phat a guy up to bat try hit a homerun tag bases wear dew rag with laces untied one boy cried he wanted some so bad he was jest kissing my lips and begging a lot I was pledging not to give it up, oh gosh my panties was wet then can't let men get a lot of sprung wet tongue oh a brown SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH when a boy reach for the panties like that, pictures hang on the wall while he rap scriptures is slang yall consists of words and phrases and brisk verbs that amazes, sincere to say that it's clear as day that you want this but don't kiss my lips so hard "AW GIRL your thighs so sweaty brown I'm ready to go down town and hound around and astound you wit this tongue boo you know how i do" "true" "being intensive and rude is like expensive food i turn my nose up at that need a pat on the back for the fat facts rolling off my tongue, having a steamy attitude is like creamy food it may turn your stomach, aw girl close the door I'll buy you rose galore, my sight correct and like a flight deck ready to take off because your cake sweaty and soft my head tuned to the bedroom brown lips and round hips going down town is a trip girl I stand between your thighs and the cream pies are close and your dream eyes boast my emotions and host oceans of wetness girl let me get this?" "NAW PLAYER I'm at a standstill and loose and my thing ready to spill juice panties wet as heck don't get to check them, with my dumb luck I've become stuck and now thumbs up far as you getting some, I'm sweaty extreme but not ready to scream my breasts doom and smoking bedroom open but my gown is down oh a brown Soul Sista go through lot in VIRGINIA BEACH breasts dressed in silk don't knock it, it's jest milk chocolate so far your rap will undo my bra strap a nipple may fall in your mouth VIRGINIA BEACH is in the house, your quick luck reminds me of a pick up truck wanna hall me in the room and sniff all the perfume, now this is BLACK HIP HOP right smack from the tiptop nothing a handshake won't fix but right now tasting AUNT JEMIMA pancake mix and it's begin nice like Uncle Ben's Converted Rice yall so more or less I ignore the rest plus you adore my breast, you come with lyrical fast and shine materials such as brass," LOOK BOO I see cake and shook create a book along with other work girl your butter perk like CLOVER BLOOM MARGARINE, your cake reveals a flirt and a great deal of work was done on this matter a fun kiss could scatter stuff in the bed, girl you should throw your panties up let me slide in then the ride begin, this is not a bitter situation because its under consideration, dealing with history and feeling mystery revealing a blistery kiss that left your panties down as a cutie with chance at beauty and romance your cake bloom let me take it in room, you walk around with baby powder lace it's a mystery like outer space I'm rapping alert like CAPTIN KIRK "To Boldly go where no other man has gone before" and that's under your gown boo, you wet so get undress wanna have fun with breasts got some sweaty brown thighs girl" your gown boo, you wet so get undress wanna have fun with breasts got some sweaty brown thighs "NAW PLAYER my gown convince you being it's and intense blue don't make sense to jump in the bed, have fine breasts in time of stress my dreams seem to come alive boys want the cream between my thighs my mind flies away they tries everyday so we in the hallway and you wanna be in bed all day, just because my dress up don't mean my breasts tuck a cutie wit my gown down and my booty is round so in other words my butter been superb oh I was jest moving my thing around while he kissed my lips he almost lost his mind he wanted some so bad, oh my panties are wet he jest got my tongue and was sprung I remember one boy came out of the blue yeah what your name boo?" Mary Jane he had crazy game to maintain my attention I was stun he wanted some bad, i be showering and brown love towering all around pies be smoking thighs are open because of the steam and cream make a girl scream and dream I'm a lover hot but must recover from shock and like Danny Glover rock the world because sex can become a lethal weapon in less than seven seconds, he wanna mingle no doubt and it's singled out a Brown Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH now he reach for the panties stop !, from a small town boys all around don't fall down they'll pick a chick up quick I'm sick of this and how they want a quick kiss one boy looked at my breasts and i took the best out I jest ran away, my lace is touched hen love is placed on research boys taste much of my tongue grab my waist clutch they sprung, well anyway got plenty to say as we stood in the doorway i was moving my thing he was grooving with bling as he suck my tongue oh i couldn't duck none to cum a great number of boys want my cake in their hummers for joys the CD make a dumber noise if no BLACK HIPHOP is involved "AW GIRL don't move your thing like that this part whack which could be a bedroom artifact he didn't know what to do he took her in the room said girl I'm gonna smash your thing and crash the bedsprings then get cash and buy a ring from JARED and get married, she sit on his leg and now he git to beg for some " aw girl you have a brownie to share plus you use downy on your underwear so soft and fluffy you got some some sweaty brown thighs too pies are true I got eyes for you girl, should spread your thighs lets listen to the bed vibes aw boo your phat thighs are like cat eyes they see everything and I'm gonna be hitting your kitten while gitting some he undone her bra strap suck the nipple she couldn't duck as the juice triples inside her thing she had on plenty lace she couldn't go anyplace he was jest telling her so much love stuff the juice triples inside her thing she had on plenty lace she couldn't go anyplace he was jest telling her so much love stuff aw girl your lips so red and dope and the bed will be broke before your cake finish see i ate a plate of spinach and now a hot guy like Popeye look your cake is fine and every great mind look at that when its shook and phat you a dame with affection in the same direction as the bedroom boys with plenty strength will go at any length to get this one wet kiss can set it off because you're an extreme diva like Queen Lativa here sitting in my lap gitting to gap your thighs and I'm gonna zap them pies for you girl, oh she couldn't duck that mess he sucked her breast and asked for some the task has become wet, "girl let me loose your gown its jest juice all around" "NO NOT yet even though my thing hot and wet my underwear is soaked it's thunder down there and smoke i awoke to a wet dream one time a boy almost had it in there oh he was ready to smash my thing got sweaty fast started to sing i had jest fallen off a unicorn pony with wings a boy fell on top of me with phony bling said girl you fine I'll buy you pearl and wine he was a concerned receiver and firm believer in sex after dark and master the art of bedroom life well any way i awaken before he had taken some oh that was close had seen a phat ghost well i wake and escape with cake so at my resident thirst and hesitant at first now got cake by the ton ready to go great guns in giving it up, now juice in my thing flowing strong big going ons down town moving my brown thing around my dialect is graphic may need your tongue to direct traffic sometime things suck at the bar but boys hunt where the ducks are aw shucks so far I'm sitting in his lap ears gitting zap with wet stuff he may get to huff and puff on it just before you put a ring on it doggone it oh a brown Soul Sista see a lot in VIRGINA BEACH ," "AW boo the lips on your thing are phat and wet jest love to rub them while you moving it, I'm in love no doubt and like cub scout ready to campout and revamp my route to read bedroom, some girls on hot streets and like swap meets happy hunting grounds for boys wanting body parts then the party starts he jest break her headboards and go crazy on it for real" AW COME ON I'm a chick with pride and you have to pick a side you can't have fun with bear ,run with the hare, and hunt with the hounds and never stunt if you going downtown

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