Black Poetry : SHE SAID: I flirt and my skirt too wet to lift but you can get a sniff Of my deep perfume that I kee


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May 11, 2006
I flirt and my skirt too wet to lift but you can get a sniff
Of my deep perfume that I keep in the room you swift
With words, my breasts today are like fresh cut hay you
Wanna graze in my pastures be amazed after a few
Kisses, unravel my hair and travel through the air like
Birds on crack use words with facts bring emotions all type
look but I’m shook up from a love letter you wrote you hope
To get some of this but one dumb kiss won’t do it doe broke
The bed thinking head sinking deeper into dreams but nope
Alert and flirt this attract guys facts flies like kites and choke
The weak, in the car cruise much can’t lose touch with reality
If i do a fatality will occur and still I prefer back rubs in actuality
Proceed to lead and let my seed feed those hungry for knowledge
work in my lawn brief it's beyond belief the number weeds are garbage
need college to learn about them, but right now in VIRGINIA BEACH
with my skirt pulled down flirt walking around when i twerk boys reach
down try drop my panties they wanna talk to a redbone and head home mellow and
ready yellow and sweaty thighs, she's in a bold hot spot now a boy with plan
roll up in a drop top and hop right to her eardrum with a clear sum of love
words now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH here to be above
the rim “HE SAID LOOK BOO you wanna win my trust and it begin with us
with in your pie crust a lot of sweet stuff hot with heat huff and puff a must
You live cute, don’t give a hoot my car is a drop top so far I'm a hot shot I thrust
dubs on my ride it could be just us strolling down the shore or walking around
in a store we can get down with even more, have to choose from two things hound
and wear true bling eat steak as a winner and have cake for dinner played by
the rule stayed in school never quit afraid to be a fool so I'm here to try
grab a chick quick and have a picnic so my bed home and I need a redbone so
I'm powering starting a flowering garden so I can pick you a rose you'll go
loco when you smell it, tonight matter is like flight data believe i can fly
after I squeeze your pie sure know how to tease a guy so let please try
to satisfy your phat pie and MY stats are fly" "NAW PLAYER you try lie
and get some, a shower is dope and like a powerboat the water rides you
this affair wild like a hairstyle I prepare for a wild meeting a few
boys lose their mind I'm aware they blind, life is fly and you maybe
a nice guy need advice before you try get some doe can't come slow crazy
desire to flirt got fireworks under my skirt if i twerk boys go berserk
tonight I'm amaze have to fight the blaze like firemen, hype and alert
my lips red cake but the kissing a headache go to bed and take a Bayer
aspirin anyway with plenty to say my panties are soaked and you a player
love clutter the skies like butterflies may need wings to proceed with things
"TONIGHT BOO your eyes could be bright blue with contact lens hear birds sings
I fell in love not stupid but like CUPID shot an arrow my plot is narrow boo
look our hope could end on a sour note after an hour of dope conversation
so a date await a magnificent world bring about a different girl a combination
I sample the wine with ample time to trample minds my scripts are bolder
But got a chip on my shoulder like pancakes flip it over put in file folder
I help my habits they’re kept in a cabinet above the basin in the bathroom
And my path is doomed if the math of life not consumed good tune
and boo your perfume has brainwashed me, a date for cake is the tip
Of the iceberg and scripts are nice words but can sink a Titanic trip
On a ship and think romantic on the brink panic from sinking, hips
Yellow lips mellow girl you jest a redbone straight up cake and luck
Lace and color can taste the butter its smooth and soft can’t duck
Your body hips a surprize gee they hypnotize me moving from side
To side flow shook while my body slow cook a rapper with character pride
Got chapters in America lets ride, got a more mellow personality girl
You soar with yellow reality” “FIX MY bra correct my breasts then hurl
My panties expect the best,like the stock market can sink further but
Think butter as boys on the brink to clutter my ears,try be king TUT
;I wreck my very brain and like a secretary campaign I type a lot
Stay hype and hot while you try fit pipe on the spot love talk don’t stop
Think you wanna unbutton my skirt and cause a sudden alert then flop
To the club love, it’ll be a bright flash when tonight our lips clash so hot
But i’m gonna duck you wanna tuck me in bed and sing a lullaby all done
Quick you wanna have fun with chicks throw my clothes in the dryer none
Come before my TIDE Washing Powder, wanna take me to your car and
Get cake in front of the bar between my thighs my cream pies has a plan
Oh a REDBONE go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH I’m just a yellow
Peach, being a yellow queen for a fact is hectic seem to have an knack
For the unexpected,things got romantic in a hurry nor frantic and worry, back
My Titanic hurry and sink it begin busy not in a tizzy gonna tear my hair out
If this affair only about sex, it’s a mad trend had this friend that was out and about
Jumped in this boy’s car to ride enjoy and go far it appear true the rearview
Mirror tells a different story she say he jest kissed her lips right there a few
Words couldn’t explain this it was flame kiss that burned her lips panties
turned flips like pancakes at IHOPP she try stop him and couldn’t jest candies
And bright pudding and like DWIGHT GOODING he wanna hit a homerun
Kissing her lips remain the case his aim was her lace she couldn’t believe
His pace and now he jest squeeze her waist now he jest beg oh please
Boo, she had on a mini-skirt yellow thighs gapped mellow pies perhaps
The lies trapped her eardrums it was fearsome it’s clear from the flap-
Jack point of view she has bold breasts but need a cold compress because
Her body so hot down there the juice flow a lot she said wait he paused
he was wearing a washed bandana and his thing a squashed banana
She getting brainwashed in the manner that’ll require sex as SANTANA
Black Magic Woman Played on CD, oh she gave up going to the bar
She end up stuck in a car the love today remain like subway train so far
it travel but they in a car on legit gravel her breasts rattled from kissing so much
He gave her a divine hug which was a sign of love he rubbed her thighs
Wanted to grub on the pies oh love flies in the air he tries for an affair lies
Come oh a REDBONE in VIRGINIA BEACH go through a lot the skies
Painted blue she say she couldn’t go anywhere and plenty sex down there
And he was aware of this wanted to share a kiss oh gosh tongue everywhere
Oh she couldn’t resist his kiss her mini-skirt pushed up her sweaty yellow thighs
Was jest there she couldn’t go anywhere she wanted to leave that place she tries
he squeeze her waist and told her lies she listen while he was kissing and stuff
Need quick luck like a pickup truck he bought a four by four to her door enough
To haul her love off to club that’s boss and toss her panties out the window yall
Oh he jest looked at her yellow sweaty thighs and ready for pies on the spot call
Like ET she be hot like a teapot her love is brewed she can’t elude his lips
He got her tongue as she was moving her thing he grooved with bling
“girl don’t move your thing like that” she said he almost lost his mind thing
Was hot a lot he wanted to go crazy gitting her yellow thing she was lost
For words as he toss verbs in her ears, she jest moved her wet thing gonna toss
her panties to the roof and poof he’s gonna catch them with his mouth and suck
The juice right out of them “AW GIRL the yellow lips on your thing so soft can’t duck
That she say her panties were soaked, “well we better go” he had a clever flow that’ll
get a girl thing wet he jest rubbed the phat lips on her thing “boo I love you my hat
Off to you boo thing so phat and soft don’t know what to do he gave a VIRGINIA
BEACH the flavor prevail on a major scale jagged edge on a ragged bed ninja
Parking lot empty of folks listening to wimpy quotes which leads to back seat love
Making, my cake is sweet the land outside in a state of bleak and after a hug
Its great to speak give her break time to seek answers he’s shaking laces in
Forsaken places, oh jest surrender her hips and tender lip to him embraces then
Get her tongue again sweaty and ready to throw up the white flag girlfriend
Her world spin in the car with this boy but she did manage to escape before
He damage her cake

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