Black Poetry : She have a brisk attitude holding a dish for food it's really game time that's her frame of mind in


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May 11, 2006
She have a brisk attitude
holding a dish for food
it's really game time
that's her frame of mind
in the club came for the wine
no doubt shook
on these boys outlook
they wanna rap about to cook
up something that's stir fried
boys come with words that blur her eyes
boys wanna lift her dress
plus sniff her breasts
and smash pathetic
kiss fast and energetic
boys come with all sorts of line
in a short time
she has a brown leather suitcase
speak sound clever wear cute lace
so sweet boys buy her a fruit vase
with raw cherries and strawberries
this is Black HIPHOP in Virginia Beach
she's a bold boo in lace
and he want to hold onto her waist
and chase her love down town taste
her do-nut
love affair about to blow up
now she see a boy with tow-truck
she's in a mini-skirt
and plenty alert
she dodge the block
because boys be in large flock
and this is Black HIPHOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH flip flops
is what she wears strip a lot
in the room splash on hot
perfume and boys wanna knock
her boots when they fail the shock
set in she's a Black Soul Sista
one boy wanna try her pie no static
he's really a sci-fie fanatic
be drinking wine
and praising Frankenstein
being a monster is stinking time
HE SAID: LOOK BOO you got plenty breasts
and he's shook over her mini-dress
ready to leave the club
and they both can receive love
oh his wet facts perk
wanna get back to work
her body attract and alert
but when she flirt
that can lead to a twerk


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May 11, 2006
that can lead to a twerk
romance in the groove
of a dance move
when she thrust her hips
and boys trust her lips
and they red glow drips
from them, as they take trips
down town
while she move her thing around
one boy lost his mind
one time in VIRGINIA BEACH
at the AUTO ZONE she reach
for the axle grease and the oil
awaits, she's dressed in a mini-skirt
the floor shined
boys adore her fine behind
she's failing in what she's taught
love has become alien to her thought
oh he want some breasts
and has come to rest in her bedroom
while listening to CD tune
so she's nice and wild
had to change her lifestyle
all the good advice make her smile
and she became more active
boys adore her attractive
ways , so she's a phat sight
Mainly at night
lips glow red
and boys wanna go to bed


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May 11, 2006
and boys wanna go to bed
she stunt galore
but like a front door
need a key to unlock
her fun and only one block
the AUTO-ZONE is there stop
by, love is an alert act
but could be a dirt track
if she have a flat tire
with sex and a phat desire
the sexual gift is strong
she may need a lift home
the boy has the ignition key
because it's tradition you see
oh her thing so juicy and hot
some wet coo-chee a lot
he wanna rub her butt softly
while he sip a cup of coffee
exciting to me
how vitamin C
use the iron in her diet
in search he see a girl flirt
as her booty do much of the work
car wash beside the AUTO ZONE
MERCHANT TIRE across the street

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