Black Poetry : She and He


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
they share a love unconventional
because it’s ninth dimensional
didn’t rush the plane of physical
took time to cultivate the spiritual
sitting in the palm of God’s hand
garbed in the vestment of true woman and man
blown from His breath meant
to forever travel as raindrop and leaf
steeped steadfastly in their belief
taking cues from spiritual guides
that lead them on this earthly ride
not girlfriend Him eternal wife
proudly throughout this and every life
before they leave the club
whether he be fame-less
or the King of Fame
I will kneel before this god
speak and praise your name

All Love


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
Beautiful Black Man come on
goddess honoring you as a god
gotta drop the word wicked
from your mental lexicon

riding the same wave (frequency)
we utilize technology
and poetry
to achieve spiritual tranquility

my spiritual guides say it's time
for you to receive this message
"Son, God's got his hands all over you
molding and whittling making you into
the totality of what and who
He sent you to be
stand strong rooted in His oak tree
sent you to earth with dual brains
for more than just bling and fame
sent you to educate the masses about Love
so He allowed His baby girl
your goddess to sneak from heaven
to nourish and enrich your soul and body
in essence to spin your world
while the two of you as one obtain this goal"

even though you are a real boss
back then you were spiritually lost
and you were suffering senselessly
so He granted me the ability
to vividly paint word pictures
to endow you with Love scriptures
and He made She body the map
that focus the quotes and love revealed in your rap,,.
now you gone tell that blonde interviewer that?
why you zap me like that?
was just gonna say
My Him has a Voice the Size of Kings shazam!
and just so you know
your lullabies always leave some things moist


i'm sleepy. good night darling.

All Love
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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
getting emotionally ready
cause i know i'm gonna
live the rest of my life as confetti
gingerly being blown here and there
being tossed high up in the air
settling all over you tenderly with care
and if necessary i will play the role of a clown
cause i will do whatever to never
let the sun go down on our love
need you to surf your guitar in the sky above
and finally come claim what is yours

duke of earl
your duchess your girl
promises if you ask
standing or down on one knee
I will gleefully
breasts poking eyes wide open
answer Yes!

All Love


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
guides say
"God's Chick, don't hold back let them emotions go
cause he's not sure and he needs to know
he is the god goddess is tethered to
load your slingshot aim it right at his heart
let Hotshot know his well being in this season
is the reason for your Art
treat them darts with your spiritual flow
like kisses put them between your lips then blow
cause the machine that clicks inside his head is yearning
and so now his attentive soul is listening and learning"

All Love


Jul 2, 2003
I love this entire compilation flow TotalView :great:
Reading this a few times. Reading it Slowly I found my own flow.
You added poetic grace the first day, waited and added more.

In this flow is love, motivation and so much more.
Connecting with him from a level only destiny wrote, with someone your destined to connect with.
So Both can finally soar.
Can you see him TotalView, is he in sight?
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