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Jun 16, 2009
Atlanta Georgia

One cannot ever take the word of a 7 foot, 300 pound, Hall-of-fame, world famous, athlete as that of an average person. He's in a bubble and don't even know it.

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Change the world for the better, take care of it, because you live in it!
If the present Kuzma saw the then Kuzma, he would say: Boy, grit your teeth. In twenty years everything will be wrong!
It is better to be an optimist who knows nothing than to bend over and grow a hump from what is around the problems themselves.
If someone spat on your shoulder, there is hope that he simply did not spit on the one who walked in front of you.
I started working as a journalist in 2016, while studying. At that time I did not have a formal journalism education, but I really wanted to work with texts, so I seized every opportunity.