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Jul 26, 2001
By Joe Atwill
Book Review By Andre Austin

The second round in the Caesar’s Messiah series of three has just hit the stands and fan for all the Christian slaves and admires of Joe Atwill’s creative writing skills. If you haven’t read Caesar’s Messiah(CM) it’s a perquisite to reading his 2nd book Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah (SSM) and its DNA ancestor War of the Jews By Flavius Josephus Bar Matthias/ Joseph of Arimathea. However, in SSM Jerry Russell, PHD gives an extending introduction that touches deeply upon the 1st book. Atwill calculates that a third volume of the Caesar’s Messiah trilogy will come soon as Spiritual Bazaar: Wars and: A Jewess Strikes back. Don’t hold him to the title because SSM was supposed to be called The Single Strand; meaning that Christianity wasn’t worth one strand of his wife’s hair on her head.

What Atwill did for Littature in Shakespeare and the true history of Christianity is the equivalent of what Einstein did for science (E=M2) and the universe. Atwill decodes 666 and the Trinity allowing us laymen to decode Paul letters, Acts and Revelations. Much of the mysteries and secrets about Christianity have been out since 2005 and nobody has knocked Atwill off his square of truth telling. I’m a follower and disciple of him because he’s exposing lies and laying the hammer on the truth.
If Atwill was a lawyer he would file his brief (Caesar’s Messiah) with the court outlining the original intent of the framers of the New Testament in tricking the masses into believing Caesar was a God , the instigation of Anti-Semitism, make a fool of people, create pacifism and tax paying tribute to Rome. Unanimously 9-0 the Court would reverse and order a set aside of the Gospel’s canon and codification of any laws or so-called righteousness.

All English and history teachers should be reading SSM. Shakespeare is to Lit what Michael Jordan is to Basketball and no sports historian could ignore Jordan in their annals. When the “sodomite castrated slave” Paul said be a Fool for Christ it meant it not in a spiritual manner but as a slave bending to the will of the three (trinity) Flavian Caesar’s: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Domitian was the last to be of the Flavian Caesar’s but he was the first to be called Caesar in Rome because his father Vespasian (the father) and Titus (the son) were busy out of the country fighting and this is why he’s called alpha and Omega the beginning and end or the first and the last. Domitian didn’t like his brother and gave him the evil number of 666. The uneducated would have quickly thought it was referring to Nero because Suetonius in his Twelve Caesars cites a lampooning poem that talks about numbering the monster (beast) Nero. I then added that Suetonius was taking about Titus because he said Titus “would prove to be a second Nero”. Atwill takes it to another level and cites that Titus Greek name is Teitan with the two t’s =600 the E is five the I is 10 A is 1plus the N is 50 for a total of 666. Domitian was jealous that the 4 Gospel make The father and son divine as Christ. So he had Paul letters Acts and revelations make his the Christ that replaces Titus. The first Catholic Pope Clemens didn’t want to go along with this because he was used to Titus as Christ and Domitian had him executed. Domitian was the baldheaded sucker who wore a white lamb’s wool wig who wanted to be Satan (Lucifer/morning star) and a God. His Satan part took place by killing children dead (Rev 2:22) He is the rider of the white horse and the red complexion dragon attempting to kill pregnant mothers. Domitian defines the synagogue of Satan as the Imperial Cult of Vespasian and Titus who pretend to be Jews and are not. Domitian tries to discredit Vespasian and Titus for killing a million Jews, forcing them into cannibalism (Eucharist/Holy communion) and castrating all their tall handsome youth. However, I careful read of Revelation calls for another wave of killing Jews and more vampirism and cannibalism (Rev 17:16; 19:17).

“Through today virtually everyone sees Christianity as a religion, it was actually a system of mind control created by the Caesars to produce ignorant serfs/slaves that believed that God decreed their slavery…Below is the order of rank of the Feudal System”:
The Pope
The King

In 2014 we have basically the same feudal system is going on in new terms on a sophisticated level.

Now enter the Jewish Emilia Bassano the real ghost writer of Shakespeare. The hostile whites of England called the family member Moor or black and she was the dark lady or black mistress of Shakespeare’s sonnets. She was the first women in England to publish a long poem Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (Hail God, King of the Jews). England wanted to expel blackamoors & Negroes from England so the Bassano’s pretended to convert to Christianity. The coat of arms of the Bassano family featured a mulberry tree. The mulberry tree is called morus in Latin, which is translated as moor in English. Some of her family members were from Africa in Morocco. Atwill decodes many of Shakespeare (Emilia Bassano) plays like Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice as revenge and reversal plays against Titus, Rome and the Christians for their mistreatment of Jewish people. Atwill successfully decodes the allegory and typology of the plays. Atwill is a great admirer of Christopher Marlowe and Emilia. Marlowe was killed because he overtly wrote that the Gospels were a parody of Vespasian & Titus War of the Jews recorded by Josephus Bar Mathias. Marlowe was accused of believing that Jesus was a bastard, homosexual and that his mother was a whore (see p.83). But if Titus was pretending to be Jesus then the charge of bi-sexuality against Titus who was very fond of Eunuchs and Homosexuals he had in his musical troop and broke off relations with them for Bernice. Even Paul the sodomite slave under Domitian rule only banned “Homosexual offenders” from the Kingdom of Domitian (1 Corinthians 5:9). After Marlowe was killed Emilia would only write her plays exposing Christianity in a covert, allegorical form being the opposite of Marlowe’s overt writing. Atwill’s comrade in Literature John Hudson, only two months ago published his book Shakespeare’s Dark Lady gets more in detail about Emilia. “John has assured me (Atwill) that he will assert that these are the facts; that I discovered both that Emilia was the author and that the plays were reversals of the Flavians’ typology” of basing characters upon other characters from other times and places. However, Hudson did discover the Swan song code of Emilia name in the plays. I never liked Shakespeare because it was difficult to understand. With the works of Atwill and Hudson I’m starting to admire Shakespeare’s (Emilia) work now that I understand part of it. And now I’m seeing all the variation of Emilia’s name that plays cast of character roles in several of Shakespeare’s plays. Now English and history teachers can teach the real total context of Shakespeare works and how it relates to Christianity.
Atwill’s three round knockout against falsehood is getting bigger and bigger. He’s like Muhammad Ali knocking out all critics. He’s a bad man (bad meaning good), for he Shakes up the world to true light. Nobody has knock him out the ring and its almost impossible to get him off his square. He take the spear of his pen and stabs to death all the lies we have been told. I suspect that in round three of his volume 3 will be the final blow and mop up all the riff raff who don’t have a clue about
Caesar’s Messiah.

Book Review By Andre Austin


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Jul 26, 2001
Teacher told me that my review resulted in a customer buying the book. Where is my %

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006


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Jul 26, 2001
Why Shakespeare couldn't have written it...
We are grateful to our readership for supporting Joseph Atwill's "Caesar's Messiah" thesis. We always like to bring you, our subscribers and readership, the latest works by Joseph Atwill FIRST - before the Official Press Release to the rest of the public, which will launch at a later date. So wethought we would share with you a SNEAK PEEK at some of the revelations in Joseph Atwill's new book, "Shakespeare's Secret Messiah".

From what we know of Shakespeare's life, some people have doubted that he could have written these works himself, and these doubts and suggestions of other authors began during Shakespeare's own lifetime. Consider that he was born in the tiny hamlet of Stratford-on-Avon, a village of less than 2,000 people - how then could he have been exposed to the type of knowledge reflected in the Shakespearian works: details about royalty, court life, and falconry? There is no record that Shakespeare was even educated - how then did he have knowledge of Italian merchants, intricate musical sophistication,or the ability to write puns on Jewish words and phrases? Would the supposed author of the Shakespeare folio have raised his daughters as functionally illiterate?

But the most amazing revelation in "Shakespeare's Secret Messiah" is that the true author of the Shakespearean works had to have known about the Flavian origins of the Gospels! Atwill was tipped off to this realization through his analysis of the very first play in the Shakespeare folio, entitled "Titus Andronicus". Atwill analyzes the play to show that it is a 'point by point' reversal of what the Flavians did to the Jews and their scriptures. And the candidate Atwill proposes to be the actual author of these works has a Jewish and Italian background, comes from a family of musicians, had exposure to the royal court and the King's falconer, and was a published poet with a similar style of writing to Shakespeare's sonnets. Learn more of Atwill's intriguing analysis in the compelling pages of "Shakespeare's Secret Messiah."

Joseph Atwill's new book now on Kindle!
This week we are pleased to announce that you can
purchase the new book, "Shakespeare's Secret Messiah", in eBook form for Amazon's Kindle reader. And if you don't have a Kindle, you can still read the Kindle eBook version on your computer or any other device, by getting a Kindle reading app for no charge at this link here.
Please leave a review!We are very grateful to all of you who have already ordered the new book, "Shakespeare's Secret Messiah," from our CreateSpace store. We appreciate your support of CreateSpace, because they share more of their proceeds with their authors, which helps to support our efforts in making Joe's thesis known to the world.

If you have already purchased and love the new book, we appreciate your letting the world know by leaving a review on
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