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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles
(Read for the uncensored version)

I’m lying right here beside you with a bit of a struggle in my breathing
Winded after an exhilarating escapade of sex I am the opposite of seething
Having just done things that excites me just by reviewing the events in my mind
As you’re now laying on your stomach and I’m hand polishing your behind
Like the uncovering of natural beauty that accompanies a spring thaw
Recent events – in review – have the same majesty, and I’m in awe
I’m literally awestruck, or lost for words at best
While waxing your *** … you’re rubbing my chest
Of your energy, your sensual prowess, and your sexuality …
The resident compulsion to **** that will warp how I view reality
With the genuineness that puts to doubt the thought of a façade
I’m still saying “Oh My”, and you’re finishing off my sentence “God”
I’m lying right beside you … in the here and how
Having had just been laid by ‘high grade’ ***** … all I can say is “wow”
As I see the grin on your face that makes you lick your lips, and gloss ‘em
I hold you close to me and say softly in your ears, “sex with you is awesome”

Sex with you is awesome, like [cherry blossoms] in bloom
You open up, make space in your place for me, and give me room
Giving me access to your assets – different facets of your femininity
Loving you from your naked neckline to your warm vaginal entity
Touching your body in naughty places usually shrouded in fleshly fabric
Uncovered as I hover over your frame – such warmth, I gotz to have it
Taking in mentally and visually your physique, and delights that I indulge in
From the button that is your navel, to that place that I put my bulge in
The sensation of penetration and the initial push through stiff walls of labium wonders
Coiling like wrestling rattle snakes … who begins on top is now up under
Giving me the depth of your uterine playground – all that I can stand
Giving in to the call of our genitals; surrendering to the will of our glands
Answering natures call to get together as men and women do
Making the twain one flesh with a bond that’s stronger than super glue
Giving my yin to your yang … giving each-other what the other body wants
Giving your crevice desperate thrusts, and you answer each with a matched response

Sex with you is awesome, like giddy people who [caught some] gladness
Allowing me to be raptured up into the wonders of your wanton sexual madness
No sadness to adorn my demeanor, no doleful facial expressions
Providing a sexual venue, and a love to **** … a place to offer my confession
The exorcising of our pent up tensions brings us to release, closer than before
The smile accompanied by the biting of your bottom lip speaks volumes more
The work that I put in to please you is more of a passion and less of a chore
And when you climax, as I do, you don’t just cum from your genitals, but from your core
The twain becoming one, the meshing and merging of physical differences extols
Not only the intercourse of man and woman, but the joining of two souls
That binds us to each other in a way that’s not easily undone
Like the earth … in the gravitational pull of the sun
I feel your fingernails scraping my shoulders and digging in my back
All the while my hands are all over your ***, about your *** crack
As we make lust, bumping and grinding, creating a rhythm with our hips
As the stiffness of my shaft stirs the pucker of your lips

Sex with you is awesome, as the [thoughts come] as they may
As we share in mutual pleasure, to you, my full attention I pay
You made me make a face … my brow contorted and my lips curled
In this time of intimacy and in this intimate space … you’re the only woman in the world
Focused on doing all of the things that a good lover should
My actions are dedicated to the pleasing of your womanhood
Engaged in the intercourse that leaves an imprint on the human spirit
With passion as hot as the heat of a bond fire, more intense as you get near it
Like a thesis to be thought out and a problem to be solved
You are the work in progress and the prize, and there is prep-work that’s involved
As you open up to me like the pages of my favorite book
Giving me access to every cranny … and every nook
My lips and tongue in and on certain places on your feminine frame
Have you huffin’ and puffin’; squeezin’ and scratchin’, and at times sayin’ my name
From exotic to erotic, and back again I prime you to your core
Getting your body ready for the things that I have in store

Sex with you is awesome, like the baker who [bought some] flour
To try new and imaginative concepts in baking, detailing his recipe for hours
Kneading dough with fraught firm fingers and impatient palms
That’s how I hold you close to me, singing of you as in amatory psalms
Squeezing your *** as I pass through a cavern that welcomes me
Taking glances at your face viewing a twinkle in your eye that I seldom see
As you make the faces affirming that the strokes are gratifyingly pleasurable as planned
Your passion heats up like the flame of a bond-fire that’s just been fanned
In an ecstatic sense … I’m getting on your nerves
Touching you in places with a stimulus your feminine ego deserves
As you grant me access in touching and feeling each and every curve
That lead to actions that are soon to make your hips swivel and swerve
Your body language is clear, and it’s message – complete
Like a female feline you stick your *** in the air, ‘cause you’re in heat
In the face down *** up kind of ******* that you know that I love
Me inside you, you wrapped around me … we go together like hand and glove

Sex with you is awesome, particularly since I [saw some] moisture from your storm
I’m referring to your ejaculate, the sign of your satisfaction, in liquid form
To be a bit more explicit, I’m speaking of the times you busted your ‘nut
Dousing me with your perennial wetness, watering me from your vaginal cut
With an accompanied warmth that wets my longings
Resulting from the motion and stimulus of our physical throngings
In and on one another as our movements are complementary and in tandem
Spritzing like a fountain under optimal conditions, your orgasms are far from random
This is one of the joys of sex that turns me on … immensely
To know that I’m satisfying you with intent … intensely
Making your ***** slobber and your kitty kat hum
And after a moment of silence, we sing in unison “We Shall Over Cum”
Like priming the pump of a newly tapped well
I tap that *** until your liquid love … you expel
Irrigating my privates with the moisture from your own
Letting me know that in more than one way … I’m in the zone

Sex with you is awesome, [not some] copulatory novelty or a cheap thrill
Our interaction is delighting and exciting, and of each other, we get our fill
While inside of you I revel in the time together that we spend
And I really enjoy sex with you after I’ve gotten my second wind
Revitalized and energized I grind and wind in between the legs of the well-fated
Slated to **** a ***** that is so beautiful, and so naked
Spurring you on to satisfaction time and again doing the appropriately obscene
And the rounds of intermission are filled with bouts of foreplay in between
The sounds that I hear you make, never ceases to amaze me
As you fill my mouth with your *****, the feel of my lips to yours drives you crazy
Enjoying a cunnilingual dialogue, the conversation of which you want no end
Causing you to **** my face with purpose and intent, with undulations that aren’t pretend
Like a primary wave of a seismic event you tremble before you register on the scale
Glossing my mouth with para-urethral juices of an orgasm that will prevail
You shiver as your orgasm completes itself and shudder with a force
That is the calm itself before we engage in coupled intercourse

I can try to verbalize what sex with you is like
With all of the words I can think of, I can come close, but not quite
Experiencing you says indefinitely more than I could ever think to say
So much so, that my desire for you, I can’t hold at bay
I’m sprung like a leak, having had just been all in your mix
But unlike the nuisance of a plumbing problem, there’s no need to fix –
The desire and the appetite that I now have for your passionate appeal
That makes me not just want to have sex with you, but **** you with zeal
Like an alcoholic rife with the smell of liquor on his breath
I have smell of your ***** on my lips, and like cheese cake made by a master pasty chef
I want more of your lower labial lure that’ll make you want me in other ways
That’ll result in us ******* each other which’ll result in a residual feeling or days
Sex with you is a marvel, a spectacle, an exhibition, an extravaganza and an event
Which leaves me breathless … and my entire body spent
After having simultaneously ejaculated and both expelling raw cum
We lay in state, mesmerized by the after affects … “Baby, sex with you is awesome”

Written by: K-JiO
© 2008


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
talking about red heat whewwwwww this was da bomb
we gotta hook up on a piece soon ! in a collab that will rock this world.

flo on bruh do da thang


Well-Known Member
Jun 2, 2006
Aaah baby your AWESOME just

Reading you is AWESOME. Yet another piece of

Loved it....loved it gsalt.

Much Luv

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