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Jul 26, 2001
SEX REBEL BLACK: Obama’s real father’s sex cook book

Book Review by Andre Austin

Way back in in 1968 Frank Marshall Davis was strapped for cash and needed some dough so he came up the ideal to write his sexual exploits under the pen name of Bob Greene. His book is called Sex Rebel:Black. What is the rhyme & reason of the book name? A. The birth of Obama in 1961 is the result of a sex rebel who thinks that the white female is “Stolen fruit tastes sweeter” says Greene (I mean Frank Davis). Davis goes on to define Rebel: “I wouldn’t be a rebel if I didn’t get real satisfaction out of breaking ridiculous rules-and what’s more ridiculous than trying to restrict the color of your bedmate?” (p.93 of Sex Rebel:Black). Well I thought the blacker the beery was sweeter. Maybe I should try it out and test/taste Davis thesis.

Davis is the real father of Barack Obama but he didn’t make it on his birth certificate because he was a communist and would have jeopardized Obama’s grandfather’s security clearance with his secret government job. Obama’s mother was born in 1942 and died in 1995. His real dad frank was born in 1905-1987. In 1958/9 Obama’s family moved to Hawaii where frank met Anne and took nude pictures of her.

There’s no library that holds Sex Rebel:Black so you can’t get an interlibrary loan but you can online in its PDF file at And wikipedia verifies that Davis wrote Sex Rebel: Black and knew the Obama family. In 2008 we should have known this about Obama and future politicians should submit a DNA sample so that we can see if the oligarchy of our political systems we are suppressed under is or isn’t controlled by one small crime family owning 90% of the wealth and land.

Obama knew Frank Davis because his grandfather took him over his house three times a week. Plus there is a Frank in his book Dreams from my (so-called) Father:

“What had frank called college? An advanced degree in compromise. I thought back to the last time I had seen the old poet, a few days before I left Hawaii. We had made small talk for a while; he complained about his feet…of trying to force African feet into European shoes…Your not going to college to get educated. You’re going there to get trained” (p.97)

Barack Obama’s poem “Pop” matches his encounter with Frank in his book Dreams from my so-called father:

A poet named frank…gramps once showed me some of his work anthologized in a book of black poetry…he would read us his poetry whenever we stopped by his house, sharing whiskey with gramps out of an emptied jelly jar…I was intrigued by old Frank, with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes (p.76-77).

Now let us compare the poem “Pop” to the encounter Obama just wrote about above being better than a DNA Match:

Pop switches channels, takes another

Shot of Seagrams, neat, and asks

(neat=straight whiskey)

What to do with me, a green young man

Who fails to consider the

Flim flam of the world, since

Things have been easy for me…

Pop takes another shot, neat,

Points out the same amber

Stain on his shorts that I’ve got on mine and

Makes me smell his smell, coming

From me; he switches channels, recites an old poem…

I see my face, framed within

Pop’s black-framed glasses

And know he’s lauhing too

--Barack Obama

[Obama called his grandfather “Gramps” so we see Pop as Frank Davis his true dad]

You can also see excerpts of the 2012 documentary Dreams from my real father on Republican head hunters would have received more currency and credibility if their research wouldn’t have been done in conjunction with the presidential election. I didn’t learn of this information until last month. I don’t mind writing about my findings because Obama’s sits on his presidential second throne safely for 2 more years. For those who are curious for the truth, like myself, I share this for your delight. Obama knew the truth of his real Dad but couldn’t tell the truth because white America reading what his father wrote would have visited the sins of the father upon the son at the ballot box. But believe me I do understand the controversy and dilemma of mothers being inaccurate about putting the true fathers names on official documents.

I will just highlight the highlights from the book and include the introduction by Dale Gordon, PH.D and Bob Greene (Frank Marshall Davis) foreword. I will leave it up to you to dig deeper.

Excerpts from the memoirs of a gash gourmet:

Davis is in 100% of wife swapping to keep his married life from becoming dull. He states that all of the information is true but changed the names of the people he was talking about. Except for the name of a 13 year-old named Anne that he guesses is 15/16. Anne name wasn’t changed but her identity was. In 1958 Anne was 15/16 and in 1961 she gave birth to Obama at the age of 18. On p.71-76 of Sex Rebel: Black he changes Anne into Jamaican, Chinese, English, a Jew and West Indian negro with Black straight hair the real Anne actually has. He has her striping nude playing with a polish sausage. This reminds me of Clinton playing with an intern with a big fat Cigar looking at her thong for the first time. However, life imitates art revealing that Ann Dunham’s mother may have been descended from an African named John Punch see Wikipedia on Ann Dunham and Dreams from my (so-called) Father for possible “Cherokee blood” p.12..

Both Davis and Obama are 6 foot 2, smoke and love writing essays and poetry. Obama has written a famous poem called “Pop” he says he wrote to his white grandfather he called “Gramps”, clearly the poem was to Davis. Obama was exposed to so-called sexual deviants. According to his book Dreams from my (so-called) Father Obama’s stepfather Lolo “employed a good-natured young man who liked to dress up as a woman on weekends” p.39.

Davis brags about his Phallus he calls his “candy stick” and three’s company for his favorite 69 positions. On page 41 he drops the H bomb to say: “Perhaps this should have turned me into a homo, but by then I was so frantic to eat my first pusss..ssy that nothing diverted me, not even my initial sex experience with another person-male”. Then on page 282 he reports:

“Too hard to concentrate on two great things at once. When I French a guy I want to give him my undivided attention, and when I’m being sucked I want no distractions. She likes fingers in her, Loyd said. Stick a finger up her asssholee and two or three up her crack while you eat it, she’ll go wild”.

Now that’s some butt wild stuff on a level of a super-freak. He labels one sex act “Urolagnia”. Part of this included: “I took the final leap and asked that she squat above my mouth instead of the toilet” p.47. However, he took the whole fruit cake on p.290 defining the term “Analingus”:

“I raced back and forth from his nuts to her asss-hole, returning to lick both as they moved apart for another thrust. Once when his dick accidentally slipped out, I speedily took it all in my mouth to suck away the thin juice from inside her …tongueing furiously away, while I fondled her husbands balls…ending with a long final kiss in the exact enter of her asss-hole”.

If this had got out before Obama was elected he wouldn’t of been elected so he kept up the masquerade that his father was from Kenya and not the super-freak Frank Davis. And with that lets lay into the Introduction and foreword and we will see later if reading them will get you to download the entire book for free.

INTRODUCTION By Dale Gordon, PH.D (excerpts)

Not since My Secret Life has any book been destined to create the tempest Sex Rebel: black undoubtedly will. This controversial, almost incredible volume is a non-fiction sexual self-confession, an intensely personal autobiography. It is so sexy its pages fairly sizzle, yet it tells the story of the current sexual revolution better and more accurately than anything published in recent years.

Here we see four decades of “Swinging”, wife-swapping and sexual freedom pass before our eyes in erotic episode after erotic episode, described as they were actually experienced. We visit the sexual underground, meets its inhabitants…

The author’s absolute and unfaltering devotion to cunnilingus may be viewed as either a fear of impotency or a fear of castration, both of which are important parts of the homosexual syndrome. The same may be said of his hypersexual activity, his driving need for continuous sexual conquest. The “Cocksmen” of our society are often those who are fighting the hardest against sexual inversion.

Greene (Frank Davis) tells us he does not enjoy anal intercourse in any form [apparently likes eating ***]. While this may appear odd coming from one who claims total sexual emancipation, it could very well be one more facet of his struggle against homosexuality. In his own words, he is a “gourmet of gash” and his every act must be directed toward the female gentitalia…What happens to the homosexual theory when we find Greene (Frank Davis) performing fellatio on another male…?

When Bob Greene (Frank Davis) takes another man’s penis in his mouth he does so to provide pleasure for the man. And while there may be strong homosexual tendencies in his personality, this particular act is not so motivated. He is here fulfilling his desire to be the complete sex machine, the instrument of pleasure for his partner, regardless of gender. In each encounter, Greene’s satisfaction comes only after he has satisfied his partner…”

From his rather normal beginning in sex, Greene progresses through almost every stage of sexual deviation until he ends up in the bizarre, fetishistic, sadomasochistic relationship with Flame and her husband, Andy…”

I didn’t bother calling Linda and Dave. What Adam told me about Bob Greene (Frank Davis) convinced me there wasn’t a word of fiction in this book. Each of us will see something different in this man’s life. Bigots-both black and white-will criticize it on the grounds of bedroom integration. Puritans will pull their hair…”

If this introduction seems enthusiastic, it is intended to be exactly that. A book of this depth and quality is truly a literary event. Perhaps its frankly erotic theme will keep Sex Rebel: Black off the national best-seller lists, but is a book destined to be around for many years to come.

Dale Gordon, PH.D

San Diego, California, 1968

[Apparently Gordon knew it was Frank writing with the pun near the end “Frankly erotic theme”. When Frank Davis was in Hawaii he was a journalist with the By-line “Frank-ly Speaking”. In 2010 Obama uses the same pun on “Frankly” when discussing his family religious affliation. I will insert it with the Foreword of Frank Davis so you will get the full context.

FOREWORD By Bob Greene (Frank Davis) Excerpts

During my teens there had been this unresolved conflict: conform to accepted patterns and become neurotic through frustration, or do as your libido demands and worry over possible exposure as a freak. I chose freedom, and with the passing years learned to ignore labels…

Under certain circumstances I’am bi-sexual. In addition to cunnilingus, at times I enjoy analingus. I’am interested in urolagnia… I have often wished I had two penises to enjoy simultaneously the double-but different sensations of oral and genital copulation. As you see, I partake of many of the variations that our puritans label “Perversions”-a term which to me carries moral judgement and therefore has no place in my erotic vocabulary….So many of these peelers of the psyche are blindly dedicated to support of the ridiculous Judeo-Christian moral code. They are slaves of the status quo. This means that if your desires run counter to what our society calls acceptable sex practices, these headshrinkers consider you “sick” and try to “cure” you-for a nice fee, of course”. [The Obama administration recently condemned this practice]

Our 20th Century torquemadas still love to torture and punish heretics. Therefore I have changed names and identities. However, all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences…

Sex is the greatest and most intense of human pleasures; if I can induce more *******, maybe there’ll be less fighting. You can’t do both at the same time…Many scientists now believe what is called pornography has great therapeutic value…

The natural desire of both men and women for sexual relief is so strong that when frustrated it bounces up in other-often anti-social-forms, producing our most dedicated racists, religious bigots, hired killers and censors. [Davis and Obama are a perfect match when it comes to being liberal on sex. Obama was the first president and rightly so to mention gay people in an inaugural address and signed a law to repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell” that prevented gay people serving in the military if they didn’t hide their sexuality. He also had his administration file briefs to the Supreme court advocating gay marriage]

The idea of procreation-only is an insult to the God in which the champions of this concept profess belief. [God’s first command to Adam & Eve is to sex: “Be fruitful and increase in number Genesis 1:29 therefore the pleasure and populated the earth went hand and hand]. I can’t imagine a supreme being, supposedly compassionate and all-loving, instilling in making the persistent drive for sex activity and then telling us we cannot satisfy this consuming desire when we need to, but instead must wait only for those times when we want offspring. Such a god would of necessity be the Supreme Sadist laughing his holy *** off…I believe sex is primarily for pleasure and, if there is a Creator, he stuck in reproduction as an after-thought… [On September 27, 2010 Obama realeased a statement commenting on his religious views saying: “Iam a Christian by choice. My family didn’t-frankly, they weren’t folks who went to church every week” see p.11 of Wikipedia. Obama was slick to insert his fathers name in about his family and religion]

I realize of course that I could placate the Puritans (Prunes) by making crime the main subject of this personal history. But I have not murdered anybody, nor have I staged a robbery. Thus I cannot describe anything of “redeeming social value”. This is quite a society we live in! When I watch television I see brutal beatings and killings minutely detailed; I am shown bombs exploding and fellow humans blown to bits. But were an actor to expose his priick, or some gorgeous girl show her cuunt on TV, the minders of our morals and their human sheep would have mass apoplexy. In other words, savage anti-social acts and passions are acceptable for graphic presentation for children and adults; the passion of sex which brings people together, literally and figuratively, is taboo.

Ethics: Love hate, and hate love!

In 1987 Frank Davis dies. Coincidentally this is the same year Obama starts to see the pathology of the Ghetto in Chicago that’s way nothing new. He writes: “Something different was going on with the children of the South Side that spring of 1987; that an invisible line had been crossed, a blind and ugly corner turned” (Dreams From My Father p.252). They say when you have a death in your family or have a crisis your able to see things in a new light and perspective and he did attend Davis funeral.


The public has the right to know everything about a politician before he/she is elected. I’m a rebel with a cause for the truth no matter what road it takes us. And for all the haters that disagree I’m good with it and frankly speaking I don’t give a daaamnnn.
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Jul 26, 2001

Profiles of Davis & Obama: 10 points to consider:

1. Both 6 foot 2

2. Both are Left-handed

3. Age spots

4. Frankly-speaking deep voices

5. Smokers

6. Liberal views on sex

7. Liberal views on religion

8. Both love poetry & writing

9. Frank Davis daughter resembles Obama

10. Views on Communism & Socialism

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