Black Poetry : Selfishly Self...


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Aug 26, 2008
He’s a good man or so he thinks
And his feeling can change quick as a blink
But he feels that maybe no one see it
He tell myself he’s good But even he’s not believing it
It’s sad that his self-worth is based on others
Not from the one that matters but past lovers
He knows better but can’t get out of the slump
He needs reassuring his heart needs that jump
To get him to a place where he needs to be
Where he can depend on no one and heart can be free
Where self-worth only needs self
Where past heart breaks are the pain for someone else
See he not stupid he knows what he needs to do
Problem has been its not what he’s used too
So busy looking out for others, himself he forgot
But this is his chance.. his best shot
To pull himself out of this rutt
Guess he needed a kick in the butt
Now its just one day at a time
To make sure his heart, mind and soul are aligned
And each step, each day he can regain a bit
Cause I know he hates feeling like ****.


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
they say...good men always lose, and nice guys never win. good men always look out for others...and, yes, they do walk turbulent paths, but good men always win in the end. their journey may be beset with obstacles but their rewards are great.

maintain the path.

the river floweth.

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