Black Short Stories : Self-Expression


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
What i learned watching and listening all my years that indeed men do not suppose to express themselves. It is a sure sign of weakness of how they perceive relation of the masses deciding roles and emotions to be controlled within the average family model. As a black male, they expect no voice of no kind of expression especially self. When a black male expresses himself it is a release of tremendous pressure most do not know about often resulting in an explosion to be triggered by an event in time and space known to him when it occurs; it is a split second reaction. When any male expresses himself it is war but when a female expresses herself then it accepted as a woe is me sympathy and empathy plus celebration as if life just bloomed. This is what i see and have saw and it will continue until personalities or mindsets are equally yolked with respect, care, loving, honor, and much more. So when i express myself i already know due to my age, color, gender, stereotype, religious belief, and any other means to express i will be oppressed by any of their means necessary regardless of their color, gender, religious belief, stereotype, age and much more. This is the truth and only success within the industrial world and privatization of your land will bring you peace ultimately. This is what i call outer sight outer mind and just being an ant in order to provide yourself food, water and shelter. Make your own business grow from your homestead and live like Kings and Queens.

Fear Assumption Insensitivity Labeling Uncertainty Resentment Egotism is the outcome from miscommunication everytime when my expression is being spoken, though how long will it last? Depending strictly on static from the hearts of ignorance and confusion who could care less about nobody but pleasing themselves is the ultimate high when they laugh out loud boosting only confidence to destroy what they do not know what they do, while i keep continuing doing what i knew to be found my purpose since the beginning it just took a little bit of time to zip my pants up and button them wrapping the belt of truth around my waist. And i got a book that's going to surprise them all going back to the roots without a podem cause all i need is my pen plus mind pouring out my heart without ego....


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Does jealousy and envy run through my veins when my sistah expresses herself? Nope. I join her in the struggle to understand what is not known with or without comment it is the loyalty and an honor to be beside her as she has the power of every hour this is undeniable. This is what the Kings and Queens where depicting from the books of Forth Coming in my eyes from a perception as pure as i can mold it to form into reality. Ultimately as a black male in this world of events to current, i must take all shots from society without fighting back and accept who i am of which they say. I must grow numb to it then succeed to the next level not wanting no more earth any longer. I will grow more powerful in silence by mastering my skills of gifts with talents giving the highest glory up without no claim of it attached. I see the world fore what it is as it is just a particle of existence rotating with others on orbits controlled by the spirit so i must rotate on higher spirituality as the same by the spirit.

I must be like earth when barren which is emotionless during hard times. When in season receiving joy from the heavens as rain drops love cries the empathy upon me and anyone who is in need of love, if not then heaven has plenty of it for eternity. So i laugh later while crying now knowing my tears goes down must come up. It is the truth.

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