Black Poetry : Self aware that elsewhere at another place there is butter and lace that he can chase he can jest ta


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May 11, 2006
Self aware that elsewhere at another place there is butter and lace that he can chase he can jest taste it, across KEMPSVILLE road is SEVEN ELEVEN, the flavor is good it all start at the neighborhood WALMART up on the left, in my drop top ride to perfection in a specified direction, now parked at SUBWAY this could be a love day find a girl to hug and play with it it begin easy wind so breezy then sleazy part jumps out, no trouble in my ride got out took a couple of strides and now inside SUBWAY waiting to do damage to a sandwich after the veggies added come to the price plum nice ordered a cold cut expect to have bold luck when I chow down, grabbed a book had a tremendous read at a continuous speed each page teach rage in VIRGINIA BEACH amazed and praised because I drop hot verse even a nurse will tell you I'm sick with this after a quick kiss wanna lick a brisk chick, now I deliver quotes and like riverboats they float, now see a BLACK SOUL SISTA lips red flames hair on her head in bangs misled by slang now a bell in my head rang SAID” “LOOK BOO I utter words try get butter absurd and clutter a herd of eardrums until a girl hear some they got pudding to squeeze they wouldn't believe how bad I want some, so boo help take a true step into the bedroom, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH you a cutie and all but I want more than a booty call, just told the facts can't hold back lets roll in this CADILLAC” “ NAW PLAYER gonna let you know that I have a wet flow in my panties this is to make you aware that I have cake down there, true men I have to clue in but they do win sometime, difficult to communicate the results is puny fate but the opportunity is great when we talking cake hey wait I need a playmate, so we at SUBWAY and their grub stay fresh but this boy wanna suck my breasts and I must duck the stress get stuck in this mess and have to give it up, “OH GOSH I was at the car wash in VIRGINIA BEACH AUTO ZONE to the right in a mini-skirt with plenty flirt got good cake but should wait for a boy to beg for some, my hair in a mess this boy wants an affair with my breasts so my dress is down can't mess around wanna caress my pound cake for real may take the deal but wait I feel this could be a trick and my watch should tick like a ROLEX to let me know what time it is get caught between minutes and have to scream because a boy be up in it, no sex when there's kotex, now this boy walks up no way he's gonna skip these pies he strip me with his eyes
write hot but now in a tight spot and he has a night plot for a date walks up and recognize my sweaty black thighs and now rap as the fact flies wanted him to pause on thug rapping because that cause love to happen after a hug trapping a girl into an imagination world like ALICE IN WONDERLAND oh my panties hot at this car wash,” “HIS RAPS accelerated my math and devastated my path wetness in my panties related to a bath in juice,” “AND GIRL I'm empty and like a world symphony fill with music and thrill to use it let me pop in this CD it just you and me, girl you have a boss stare and like software it''s computer love may need a tutor from the club to help out boo,” “STRANGE POWERS will arrange flowers while they bloom in the room I be wearing perfume and sharing a tune with a boy wow he go crazy on it kaboom, one boy broke the bed it was dope what he said doe
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