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Jul 26, 2001
SELECTIONS FROM THE HUSIA: Sacred wisdom of Ancient Egypt

By Maulana Karenga

(Karenga created Kwanza but is accused bt Hon Judge Joe Brown of being an alleged some type of police informant that caused the death of some of his friends. Karenga also helped Louis Farrakhan with his 1995 MMM mission statement. Being an accessory to murder is contrary to the Egyptian Maat that encourages people never to be Hot-headed or cold-Blooded).

Book Review by Andre Austin, the author of Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice

, just non-judgmental activity. Here are some excerpts of some selected wisdom of the SELECTIONS FROM THE HUSIA, that ancient Egyptian wisdom that were ironically retranslated by Karenga:


“ As stated earlier, the heart of ancient Egyptian ethics and spiritual striving is Maat [Tefnut]…Righteousness is real only in personal and social practice. Maat, then, is a social as well as spiritual task.

The ancient Egyptians, thus, developed an ideal character rooted in and reflective of Maat…This ideal type was the Geru, the self-mastered, i.e., calm, silent, controlled, modest, wise, gentle and socially active; and the Geru-Maat, who was truly self-mastered…The opposite of the self-mastered person-Hot-mouthed, Hot-tempered, aggressive” (p.91).

The instruction addressed to King Merikare had a poem which stated in part:

The Hothead is an inciter of citizens,

He creates factions among the young;

If you find that citizens adhere to him,

Denounce him before the councilors,

Suppress him, he is a rebel,

The talker is a troublemaker for the city.

Curb the multitude, suppress its heat” (Ancient Egyptian Lit Volume 1 p.99 By Miriam Lichtheim). This same train of thought would have applied to a “Hot-heart” i.e uncontrolled, un-mastered person (Ibid p.78).

So the Egyptians would have never taught any Christian writer to be Hot or Cold but to be Lukewarm (Rev chapter 3) because that was the Temperature their Trinity, Atum, Shu, Tefnut created man’s heart/eyes and the breathe of the soul in.

Bible commentaries claim the Hot and cold were deeds of the Church and city of Laodicea (Rev chapter 3) not being able to drink cold water and take a Hot bath. These are not deeds. The Egyptian priests, according to Herodotus took cold baths anyway.

Speaking of washing, when the ancient Egyptian confronted the behavior of hot and cold people their ethics taught them this:

“If you meet a disputant in action…

Do not answer him to relieve your heart,

Do not vent yourself * against your opponent” (Ibid, p.64)

*literally, “do not wash your heart” to wash the heart is to relieve the heart of feelings, be they of anger or of Joy (Ibid, p.77). The Objective was not to return Hot or Cold feelings towards a person who were in those temperatures. See Having a Cold or Hot heart was viewed very negatively in ancient Egypt in throughout the Bible (see 2 Cor 11:28-29 & Matthew 24:12)

So take a bath with some righteousness, and let some water roll down your throat as justice. Can you dig it?


Webster’s dictionary wants to define Lukewarm as “half-hearted” but we know what time it is.

Even the 2nd century Christians knew that lukewarm wasn’t negative when they wrote in the name of Paul telling the Laodicea church to keep doing good deeds and looking for judgement.

Tefnut’s name is Maat. She is moisture that helps the eye of Ra, the sun, be in its proper place and order. Lukewarm was a pun for Look (Luke) whose eyes had the protection from the Hot and cold. Tefnut was also called “The heat of heaven” because as moisture it was pulled up from the sun to heaven, and Heat being symbolic of Law and order in Maat.

What did the Stoic historian Pliny the Elder mean when he said “Nature has provided the eye with many thin membranes and hard outside coverings as a protection against cold and heat she cleans the eyes with moisture....” (Natural History Book 11:147).

How do these two Bible quotes below relate to Pliny and the 3rd chapter of Revelations?

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8)

“Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God”. (3 John verse 12)

All of these questions will be answered to explain how Lukewarm is based on an Egyptian goddess. Lukewarm is the Temperature of justice.

Plutarch, in his essay Isis & Osiris p.83:

“Egypt, moreover, which has the blackest of soils, they call by the same name as the black portion of the eye, ‘Chemia (Ham), and compare it to a heart,; for it is warm and moist,… like the heart in a man’s left side”. I believe this is the correct description of Lukewarm.The Stoic Zeno taught the breath of the soul is warm (Lives of Eminent Philosophers Volume 2 p.261 By Diogenes Laertius).

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