Black People Politics : SEE IT: New Hillary Clinton campaign ad aimed at African-American voters takes place in barbershop,


Aug 28, 2015

With only two weeks left before the election, Hillary Clinton has dropped another television spot to give her voters a last-minute push into the voting booth.

The Democratic presidential nominee’s latest ad starts off in a barbershop where her supporters explain why they’ll be voting for her while also upgrading their ‘dos. And everyone featured in the 30-second clip is a person of color.

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Aug 28, 2015
So these were created in Chicago?

Hyde Park Barber Studio:
With the 91 Tommie Harris Chicago Bears jersey on the wall

2016 Primary Election results for Hyde Park -Kenwood

Spring's Place Hair Studio:

But seriously, if Hillary's camp were to put $10,000 in my pocket, I'd help make an ad too.
Well, maybe $10,000,000,000 ... the selling of the soul has to at least come with some sort of lifelong trade off.

Listen to this from 2013...

Haven't investigated this thoroughly, but there were blurbs that her father (Hugh) was connected to the Chicago mafia.

Don't get lost in all of this, just FYI for those that desire to look.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

Then there's the "Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll...."
This ish is so crazy.



Aug 28, 2015
Not sure anyone really knows what to do, the issues are so vast and wide, and the damage as well.
The unique issues with "us", is that there was no treaty of war signed, we become forced and indentured servants for free, and then cut loose by some while others couldn't stand to get rid of their free labor.

Now it seems the value of the AA community is being replaced by illegal immigrants in the same way for free or cheap labor. Our voice comes from rejection of the system, not begging it to help us work within it.

The struggle for most is, they desire segregation, while going into the integrated realms and suggest the issue is bad policies. This goes back to the question of, what policies would be accepted as productive in creating substantial improvements?

If this can become a consensus, then the generalization of "we will help" would be more direct and can be questioned by the detailed policies of consensus. The Movement for Black Lives seems to have many of these policies can be implemented, but nobody on the MAIM STREAM MEDIA dares ask them to anyone because they are too CIA for any use to awake humans.

I think I would like to see policies that teach young AAs "how to fish". I would like policies that guarantee that ALL graduating High School students have the OPPORTUNITY to either go to college OR learn a skill/trade that is directly transferrable in the job market today. Then, more Affirmative Action.


Well-Known Member
May 30, 2015
And, when all is said and done, no one is suggesting any policies that will address the issues that affect the AA community.


I agree with a lot of what she was saying, though I think she is naive to think Trump would fix anything. I do feel she is right on point about the pandering and empty promises. I feel we do need to wake up to what is really going on and work towards fixing our problems, because I have no expectations that solutions will be coming from the Left or the Right.

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