Black Hebrew Israelites : Secrets of the Black Hebrews


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Apr 8, 2017
I see what you are talking about, but the thing that I have questions for is the word Jew, which was never put in the King James bible until 1775, when the word came into existed, and its origin is Germany. Since 1775 it has been added to the bible and yet the word Hebrew has been eliminated. God never ever called them Jews, it was Hebrew or really children of Israel aka Jacob, although thats the English names that were given and not the original names. I truly believe that the Ashkenazi german, dutch, Russians, one of these groups found one of the tribes and lived among them and became as them or like them, with the interbreeding which God told the Hebrew (aka Israel) children not to and yet they did. What happened to the tribe after invading and living among is something that needs to be addressed. The people in Isreal today, are Germans, Dutch, Russians, Switzerland, Italians, French, and other Europeans. Gods people that were chosen were very dark skin people. I do like what you have written, I was just added thought.

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