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Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, which the Sun transits during the second month of autumn, from about October 23rd to about November 22nd. The symbol for this sign is The Scorpion; its polarity is negative; its element is water; its quality is fixed; its traditional ruler is Mars and its co-ruler is Pluto; and on the physical anatomy Scorpio rules the procreative organs...

Scorpio is the most powerful sign in the zodiac. In it the resourcefulness of fixity and the emotionality of water are combined with the dynamic energy of Mars and the invisible power of Pluto to create a nature of profound depth and dramatic intensity. Fixed water suggests a dam, an iceberg, or an underground pool, and all these images are appropriate, for in Scorpio a great deal is going on under the surface; energy is being held in reserve. Water represents emotion in astrology, and emotion can be fixed only if it is not expressed, which only increases its intensity. Thus love may be poisoned with jealousy, and anger may harden into hate.

The scorpion, Scorpio's symbol, is an arachnid that travels by night and is feared for its deadly sting. (Coincidentally, the scorpion has eight appendages, and Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac.) Though all Scorpio people are by no means venomous and cruel, the symbol conveys the qualities of secretiveness, penetration and willpower that do characterize those born under this sign. (Incidentally, Scorpio people include not only Sun-sign Scorpios, but all in whose horoscopes the sign is emphasized.)

The ancient esoteric symbol for Scorpio was the eagle, one of the Biblical beasts of the Apocalypse (Rev. 4:7) that represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac (Aquarius, Taurus and Leo are the others). The eagle kills too, but it also soars high above the ground, thus symbolizing not only power, but transcendence.

Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld, and Scorpio is the sign of death. It is also the sign of generation and sexuality, i.e., the critical moments of human existence that involve a release of the ego and contact with the ultimate mysteries. Besides the strong sexuality for which they are famous, Scorpios have an awareness of death that is often not fearful, for Scorpio is also the sign of reincarnation. They have a natural affinity for the occult (the word means “hidden,” and Scorpios like to pry into dark corners).

All the water signs are psychic, but many Scorpios will actually explore areas like ESP, psychic healing and mediumship, and they develop the powers that are latent in all of us, but of which many are afraid to investigate. Indeed, if Scorpios are afraid of anything at all, it is of being known as deeply as they wish to know. Their ability to penetrate and probe may be channeled constructively into research or healing, or it may be used to manipulate people in personal relationships.

Scorpio children are sometimes hard to fathom because of their emotional sensitivity and intensity. Deeply sensitive, they seem to understand their parent's unspoken feelings even before they have acquired language. The trauma of being displaced by a new sibling can be particularly painful for them, although the pain may be partly alleviated by giving them responsibility around the house.

Relationships are very important to Scorpios, for they have a magnetic appeal that is almost universal. They tend to focus on their partner's reactions as a way to avoid facing their own. Since this sign is strongly related to the desire principle and the sex drive, there is tremendous emotional force behind the Scorpion’s romantic excursions. They seem to attract crises and may put themselves through infernos of jealousy and rage before they learn to stop trying to control people.

Scorpios excel in any activity that involves going deeply into things: psychology, detective work, investigation, research, chemistry, physics, astronomy, archeology, history, oceanography, surgery, hypnotism, and all forms of healing. Scorpio writers and artists tend to focus on sex or death, and/or may have a gift for satire. And the powerful Scorpio charisma draws many to the stage or to politics, for they possess the most caustic tongue in the Universe!

Their most compatible signs are: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces; Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius are neutral; Leo and Aquarius would be difficult; with another Scorpio there would probably be too much intensity; and with Taurus, Scorpio's polar opposite and complementary sign, there will be both attraction and tension, for in this relationship the irresistible force meets the immovable object! But, as in all cases, the success of the relationship will depend on how the two horoscopes interact, and not on the compatibility of the Sun-signs alone.

In matters pertaining to health, Scorpios are subject to hemorrhoids and blood disorders. In addition to ruling the procreative organs, this sign has rulership over the rectum, bladder, prostate gland, descending colon, sigmoid flexure, sacral vertebrae which form the pubic arch, and the red coloring substance in the blood...

The chief anatomical and physiological afflictions attributed to Scorpio are: diseases of the womb or uterus, ovary afflictions, urethal and prostate strictures, nasal catarrh, piles, adenoiditis, irregularity of the menses, leucorrhea, and various venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS...

The colors of Scorpio are dark blue and dark green; its birthstones are the ruby, sardonx and topaz; and its day of the week is Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars.

The following are some prominent African-Americans born under the sign Scorpio:

Lisa Bonet, Astronaut Guion Bluford, Clifford Brown, Sean "P Diddy" Combs, Ruby Dee, Whoopi Goldberg, Dwight Gooden, Larry Holmes, Jayne Kennedy-Overton, Yaphet Kotto, Hubert Laws, Kweisi Mfume, Monica, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Warren Moon, Melba Moore, Imam Warithudin Muhammad, Ahmad Rashad, Condoleeza Rice, Minnie Riperton, Esther Rolle and Lenny Wilkens...


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Scorpios and those with this sign prominent in their horoscopes have an obsession for candy, ice cream, baked goods and other forms of sweets. They are born with a "sweet tooth." However, due to the large amounts of sugar contained in these kind of foods they begin to have trouble with their teeth at an early age. By middle age many Scorpios have to wear dentures. This is also true – but to a lesser degree – of Taureans, Leos, Aquarians, and those with these signs prominent in their horoscopes...


In his book Astrology’s Pew in Church, astrologer Donald Jacobs states that "the great King David of the Old Testament was born at one minute after midnight on Oct. 28, 1062 BC. The well-known 'Star of David' is present in his horoscope, and this rare configuration was emblazoned upon his battleshield – and is known today as 'Mogen David'...


In the Hebrew language the word "mogen" means "shield"...but it can also mean horoscope. Astrological consciousness ran high in David’s time, and his heralding horoscope must have been impressive. With the Sun in Scorpio, the Moon in Cancer and Leo rising, this is indeed a striking horoscope for David, the great writer of the Psalms whose accomplishments and poetry would be remembered forever...



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Scorpios on the Internet...

The Scorpion loves the depths and the vastness of the Internet, jumping right in seeking knowledge, adventure, and maybe some spiritual enlightenment.

Scorpio likes the anonymity of the web. This sign will make sure his/her computer won't be giving out cookies (cookies are an Internet mechanism that tracks a web surfer's comings and goings on the Internet). This raises privacy issues and that definitely concerns the Scorpion.

This tracking is usually done without the knowledge (and therefore sans the consent) if the person going from site to site. Cookies are not all bad...they are one of the little worker-bees that makes Internet shopping so easy.

This is how cookies can facilitate the web mail. When a surfer visits a website, the surfer is given a unique "visitor's card number" that is then stored on the surfer's hard drive. By helping websites store user preferences, cookies help in the "administrative" work when a user customizes their user preferences on a website.

Shopping carts on a website would not work as effectively if cookies were not there to track the user and what the user wants to purchase from the goods and services offered by the e-commerce site. So, Scorpio, if Internet Explorer is your browser of choice, you can go to your hard drive through the "My Computer" icon on your desktop screen. The path is c:\\windows\\cookies...see what you've got in your cookie stash.

(The the best privacy software available will be installed on the Scorpion's computer.)

Scorpio likes chatrooms, being interested in differing points of view (not to mention relationships). Mars, Scorpio's planetary ruler, gives Scorpio a penetrating focus that enables this sign to stay on the trail until they find the answer to their questions. Therefore good search engines are important to the Scorpion.

Scorpios love sports, especially water sports like scuba diving. Astrology, pets, and literature are also among their interests. And these zodiac detectives know just where to find the best information for their interests. Here are some suggested websites: (then search for cookies)


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Parents and children's signs

I am a Scorpio. I was raised by my Mother, a Pisces, and my Dad (stepfather), a Virgo. Mom and Dad married when I was three. We were like three peas in a pod. I think the fact that my sign is compatible with theirs helped our family unit.

I have always had a wonderful relationship with my father who is a Scorpio too.

Tell me more about parents and children and their astrological signs in a family unit.

Thank you.


I wrote a poem about this

,....and it's on the first poetry thread. It's called "The Infinite Ones". I challenge those who would read this message right now, to go over on the poetry board and read my piece and see if it ties in to a Scorpio,.....

P.S.- I noticed that you mentioned the "Cookies" file, when purging your PC (you didn't say purging,....I DID). You might wanna mention the Temporary Internet Files. Go to the Internet Explorer icon and right click it to Properties. Then click on Delete Files and click YES when the box questions asks you if you're sure you want to. Now no one can readily visibly see if you've been on the "Sista's Gone Wild at Mardi Gras and" site (that was the joke, folks. But you saw the satire coming from a mile away, didn't you?)