Black Poetry : schooling


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May 11, 2006
Bury the system and carry the victims
across rough stony grounds no wisdom
lots of phonies around, haters with criticism
stuff the devil use not level or smooth
got strong features
right now home with teachers
not in classroom sniff fast perfume
contrary to the rules still carry doom
fools to school in HIP HOP so tune
me in rap this too much and like a Baptist
church got aisles on each side a map can twist
and hide the true road to Heaven take brisk
praying a biblical list of slaying of SATAN
there's hate on earth and you want cake and waiting
for whatever its worth he never thirst for evil
in her purse are legal documents that read feeble
pour a formula attacking chemistry but lacking
symmetry and still attracting a ministry backing
the holy words, look he be hot like a teapot
so grab a cup with vocab and luck see a lot
his head been stuffed with myths and taboos
sniff crab stew and eat shrimps defeat a crew
of wimps, convince this heat
will make mincemeat
out of cats


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May 11, 2006
Manage my crew
and damage who
trespass only a few
Pursue girls for sex
use true worlds of complex
love talk to make it happen
want cake after rapping
drove back into town
to spread facts around
saw a girl now using spoken words
and hoping my verbs turn curbs
“LOOK BOO wanna sweet kiss
and a complete list
of things to do to assist
us in an affair hands in your hair
make it great for cake can't compare
others to us butter get thrust on toast
most of the time, its Casper the Ghost
extreme and bright like a beam of light
my quotes flies to folks eyes” SHE SAID “tonight
boys wanna poke my pies so they come
with jokes and lies, end my flow
as the wind blow
then bend a bow
like the cute Cupid
and shoot a stupid
make him fall in love
could happen all in a club
I got hot pie
that should occupy
your bed and like Pop eye
let me finish my spinach

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