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Feb 15, 2001
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Politics and sex seem to go hand in hand. I do not mind talking about one or the other but I usually avoid them like the plague. Recently, political posturing sucked me into a conversation about the Monica Lewinsky/President Clinton scandal. Naturally, I had the good sense to keep most of my thoughts to myself and keeping quiet paid off because I learned something that I hadn't considered in this tawdry affair. It was an idea that revealed to me a new way of looking at things. It also revealed an unwitting "sexism" on my part.

Women lie about sex! I had considered the thought more than once long before the Lewinsky scandal rocked the nation, but I brushed it aside. Female friends even told me that some women lie about sex, but even then, I was reluctant to believe it. However, a female friend finally made it abundantly clear that women lie about sex and furthermore they lie about sex and relationships on a regular basis.

Over the years, I have come to know and admire many women. One of the main reasons I admire them is because they are not men. I cannot speak for all men and I would not try, but having two brothers, several uncles, a father and growing up in the secret male tradition, I noticed one thing that is certainly true and that is--women are not men. Consequently, they do not act like men, they do not think like men and they do not reason like men.

My female friend asked me why would I believe Monica Lewinsky was telling the truth just because she is a woman. Truthfully, I could only say because I have always believed that men will stoop to anything but women, surely, would never be so low. She told me that women often dress up the facts about former boyfriends and lovers ranging from mild exaggeration to lying without reservation. Say it ain't so Joanne. That is not all my friend told me. She said women actually use some of the same words that we lowly men use and sometimes even exceed our ability for vulgar language.

I was shocked and disappointed. I realize that we all have feet of clay but I thought women were just a step or two above men on the class scale. I thought their clay had a little straw in it that made it stronger like it did with bricks in ancient times. The things men do, including the President of the United States or even the Pope never surprise me. It is not the first time that our thinking has been lower than our stomachs, but my friend tells me that women often do the same thing. Perhaps, I must acknowledge that women can be just as despicable as men.

I always believed that women had it over men in so many important categories that it is hard to know where to start. As a man, I have been stereotypically shallow, prone to sexual exaggeration and testosterone blinded enough to get into the proverbial male "pissing" contests. Now comes this female voice telling me that my worst fears are a reality--that women can be just as classless as any man. Not only will they kiss and tell, they will make it up in a female version of traditional male bull sessions. The male version of these "bonding" gatherings feature unfounded and unbelievable stories of sexual fantasy. At these male gatherings, men tell of sexual exploits, true or untrue, to entertain friends and enhance our standing in the male community. Lying is the common denominator and there is usually no one present to supply corroboration. That is the whole point.

There is no one there to challenge these real or imagined sexual exploits. Some men will really get into the game and actually name names but that is no guarantor of the truth. We know they are lying although it often makes you wonder when they actually mention a name. Of course, it is the ultimate bluff in male sexual lying because by mentioning the name you're saying that you don't care if we tell it or not.

Now, I understand about the "old girlfriends" that I "discovered" I had whenever I went to class reunions. Women that I had never dated or even spoken to were somehow linked to my name as a former girlfriends and lovers. Rumors said some of these "former" girlfriends even had my children. These are women I wouldn't have recognized even two years out of high school because I never had any contact with them. I guess I should feel flattered that I was the subject of someone's bragging. I hope I fared well in all categories. On the other hand, suppose they were just as unflattering about men as we were about women?

As a man, I have participated in and sat through many male bull sessions. Usually the lies are thicker than molasses in Minnesota. I don't know how many womens' virtue we besmirched in the boys' bull sessions, but I know the count is high. Psychiatrists say that men lie about women to improve their esteem in the eyes of their friends and rivals. Hey! We're men. What do you expect? Naïve as I might be, I always thought that women were above the crudity of men. I was wrong.

Not only do some women talk about the same things we men do; they also lie about it. I didn't believe it but it happened to me. I was in my early thirties when I found out that I was engaged to a girl that I wouldn't have dated on a bet because of her bad attitude. To make it short, she spread the rumor herself, including all the dirty details. I was surprised, especially since I hadn't seen her since high school. I was single when it happened. So, no harm no foul--I guess.



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Feb 9, 2001
I find it amazing that some men are so naive. What's the difference between a man and a woman other than biological and anatomical variations? That's all really. But a society tends to dictate who we should be and the roles we should play.

Once exposed to social conditioning, that's where we start to get confused and misguided. Women cuss, talk about sex, love sex, spit, scratch and yes, they also fart. Women can be mean, vindictive and calculating. This is nothing new. Evidence is all throughout history and we see and hear about it everyday.

This notion that women are prissy and should be put on a pedastal...that's a bunch of hogwash. Western society tries to glamorize the woman. Shove her breasts in your face stuffed in a lacy bra...cover her legs with stockings and put her "dainty" feet in heels only to make her beautiful and sexy and something to be lusted for.

Women are also portrayed as the meek church-going forever virginal sister whose mouth wouldn't melt butter. Demure, coy and delicate...NOT! That's what society shoves down your throats and some unfortunate fool believes it and romanticizes about it.

Women are people just like men. We love the same things men do. We are just as "earthy" about life. We love hard, as often as we can, and some of us have healthy down-to-earth natures. We can also be mean-spirited and crude. We're no different than men. We just look different and are socialized differently. But the bottom line is, we're the same.

MHO.. . . peace!


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Feb 15, 2001
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U Got Dat Rite!

Over the years I have come to see the error of my ways--but it hurts because I feel that women have so much more going on than men--to me we are simple beasts, but now I knw that woman have no clue about us either as they make the same mistakes over and over just we men do. Maybe men are only simle to other men becaue I just don't see what is so difficult to figure out about men. On the other hand, WOMEN--I haven't a clue and I gave up pretending long ago. I don't know PERIOD--Ra



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Feb 9, 2001
That's okay Amun-Ra. You see...that's the beauty of it...we can learn together! As long as we don't get uptight, judgmental or lose sight of the importance of caring about each other and being respectful, men and women can end up in a place together that is blessed beyond our imaginations!

;) :heart:
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