Black Muslims : Satans' attack on The Born Identity of a Soul


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance. a word that immediately brings sex into the mind. Sex with a child, sex with a minor, inappropriate sexual activity, period. Rarely is the word used in any other way so how it is commonly used is goes unchallenged or unquestioned. In fact, the word molestation, in society, has pretty much been married to ' sex with a child or minor'. The word is colored with another word that isn't as imposing but carries its own perfume nonetheless: pedophile. Literally, the word means 'to love a child'. In this definition there is no implication of sex. But how the word is used and what the word is commonly accepted to mean, it most definitely means: a child molester.
Molest and molestation mean: to disturb and to maintain a disturbance.
When a soul enters this world (Taariq) IT is lodged in either a male embryo or female embryo inside the womb 40 days after conception. And then the newborn baby is born as a male or a female. From the moment of birth until puberty a child is Settling into their body and comprehending there location in the world and the identity of their own body in their world through the observation of their Parents. The union of the soul to the body is a matter that Allaah has done in the womb. Allaah has created the Soul with such attributes that the soul can engage the world beyond its own skin all the way to the extent of the vision and hearing and smelling and moving around in travel... Between birth and puberty self awareness is settling between oneself and The Most High.
A molester DISTURBS the Born Identity of their victim through primarily, 'seduction', which is the molestation of the perception of ones' Reality. Seduction and Education are rooted in the same word: educe, a Latin root meaning "to bring out". S-eduction is " to put in ". A Molester and molestation achieves great damage to a victim. Whereas on the surface only sexual activity may be what is summarily realized, The severance between the soul and ones body is what molestation truly attempts to accomplish. Molestation turns the Born Identity of a Soul into a crime scene. So 'a' Sexual Orientation', an orientation that was not attacked, becomes a self healing therapy until now.... a way of life. Based on self Exile from ones Born Identity.
The First crime mentioned in The Bible is the murder of Abel by his twin brother Cain, the sons of Adam. However The first crime, was the molestation of Eve (Real name is Hawa) by Shaytaan. Shaytaan seduced the Wife of Adam at a time when they were not together. The calling card of todays' Molester no doubt. Shaytaan used whisperings and bits of knowledge about things she had little or knowledge of. In fact there are writings ( not in The Bible) which explain That shaytaan pointed out a worm to Eve. She was unimpressed having seen it before.. But she did not know that this 'worm' would climb a tree, cocoon itself and emerged with wings and fly. After Shaytaan showed her these things, he then proffered an explanation on The Immortality of the soul, Something "Allaah would not want her to know about" and other seductive lies.... and that is what seduced Eve into following his way...Seductive lies and conversation is what a Molester(s) uses to disturb the reality, the perception of their own natural reality as It Is In their Minds, of their victim(s). Molestation is a crime sin which is set against a soul to make them depart their natural connection to Allaah The Creator of all things AND make them depart The Light. Merely Thinking about your Creator constitutes The Connection to The Most High. In The 'Intention' is entry into The Light. And Allaah is The Light. Remembrance of Allaah is The Greatest act one can achieve and only Through that Light is Connection achieved.
Ones' Born Identity is what Shaytaan is after. That we" lay it down ourselves" or abuse it for gain in what we pursue to gain, Molestation seems to Parent self destruction. Consider the word now from its etymology:
MO - lever
Les/Lesi/Lesti - to hurt, to rob
So even in its prime definition it is a word built to describe something to be applied. since the word comes with a 'lever', then applied regularly.
Molestation means: to disturb or to maintain disturbance.
What exactly is The only word in language that reverses or destroys or returns a 'disturbance' to a natural state of being?
What is The Only response to any disturbance?
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