The Police : Sandra Bland traffic stop (ORIGINAL) * Police HID By Removing It From Public View


Jul 2, 2003
  • Waller County collects about $1.23 million in fines a year -- otherwise known as revenue -- thanks in large part to the sheriff's department. And county funds could take a serious hit, in the form of a settlement with the Bland family, if Looney's investigation turns up civil rights violations, criminality by government employees or other wrongdoing.
  • In her own recorded testimony Sandra Bland pulled over, because she realized the police was in her lane and approaching at a speed, more than the posted 20 mile an hour speed limit.
  • Any of us would consider this a reason to get out of their way and possibly pull to the right slow lane. New to Texas as she stated only just arriving, did not know about a signal before lane change ordinance.
  • The officer after arresting Sandra Bland was on the radio making up and being counseled on what charges he could site.
  • In Sandra Bland own recorded testimony. After being hand-cuffed asked the officer if he wanted her to sit down, and kept asking what he wanted. Despite conflicting demands. He pulled her from off camera to on camera and stated himself for her to come over to the back of her car. He then pulled her roughly and unlawfully hand-cuffed back off camera stating he made no such comment for her to approach the back of her vehicle.
  • In the recording I believe I heard the officer as he was telling his story to dispatch and others admit he tazed Sandra Bland. Sandra in her own words stated he push and threw her to the ground and had his knee in her back. She shared with him at that time she suffered from epilepsy. She could not be held responsible and for her involuntary movements. Which would explain if she was moving in a manner that he felt was uncontrollable...The African American female officer that arrived to assist stated.
  • " You should have thought about that before you resisted arrest. "
  • The arresting officer violated Sandra Bland's right to not be patted down by a male officer, and her own testimony on the recording states that in the video. As she commented on the dress she had on. That is clearly and should be construed as sexual and unlawful contact charges.
  • The ORIGINAL Video as the publisher states is edited. at the 23:00 minute mark and after. The tow truck driver in a repeated fashion kept coming out of his truck but had never actually returned to his truck.
  • Is it unlawful to change lanes in Texas without a signal? If is is, in the video multiple cars passed and changed lanes and they are long time residences of Texas.
  • How fast was the officer traveling after he ticketed the car before pulling away at a high rate of speed behind Sandra Bland? He was exceeding the 20 mile per hour speed limit!
  • The tow truck as it approached shown at the 22:15 minute mark. Made a U-Turn crossing four lanes to pull in front of Sandra's car. The tow truck driver although he had on his flashing lights ... did not signal he was about to turn (LEFT ) and cross several lanes if the law is what it is.
Sandra Bland traffic stop (ORIGINAL) * Police HID By Removing It From Public View

Published on Jul 22, 2015
This is a PSA of Public Video!!! (ORIGINAL) Sandra Bland raffic stop *Police HID By Removing It From Public View. Texas Department of Public Safety removed this ORIGINAL from their account after nearly 1 million views and uploaded a different shorter video minus the obvious "official' editing starting around the 23:00 minute mark (Watch for robot stepping humyns & repeating vehicles on loop). Sinister **** ****!!!! So the holice pulled this hack job down from their site after being exposed. You'll also notice how the Armed pig, Brian Encinia, is on the phone at 23:54 minutes into the video, where he is having to MAKE UP THE CHARGES with a co-conspirator against citizen #SandraBland #SandyBland whom he had already arrested.
Transcript of Sandra Bland's Arrest
Why they killed Sandra Bland


Jul 2, 2003
In the video the trash bag is neatly in the can and in another shot after that it is barely straight in the can.
It is believed the bag was put over her head and staged later to cover up the suffocation.

Sandra Bland Murder: Media Putting Out Staged Photos & Autopsy Report Rigged

comment from someone on internet. : There has never even been a trash can in my cell anytime I've been in jail. Let alone a trash bag. And they take your shoestrings or shoes. This is ********.

comment from someone on internet. : IMO the trash bag was used to hang her, after her collapse was tied to the structure to simulate her suicide, evidences by her feet still touching the floor as her body would have been fairly hard to hang by just the bag and the bagger.


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Aug 9, 2003
Yes yet another federal investigation is called for again



Jul 2, 2003
Thanks for the Update Brother jamesfrmphilly

One (1) year in jail and $4,000 fine for a misdemeanor, is as the attorney stated is a slap on the wrist.
A civil suit by Sandra's family is being filed. That suit should include the police department as well.
Sandra Bland suffered loss of life in their care.

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