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Feb 28, 2009

Stephen Jackson Academy Mission

To teach our students that learning is not a static exercise but a dynamic process that prepares them to be highly successful individuals with the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. To provide our staff with the necessary resources to make the academic experience unique and fulfilling for every student. To engage our parents and community to be critical participants ensuring that our students have a broad based personal development reflected in their academic performance and character, which will ultimately lead to success in life. To provide an atmosphere of pride and responsibility to all of our students with a positive attitude toward learning that will help them to reach the next level.

Stephen Jackson Academy Vision

Our goal is to have our students recognized for their outstanding education, particularly in the fields of math and science, their high level of accomplishments and impeccable character.

Stephen Jackson Academy Beliefs

  • We believe that 100% support of parents, staff and community is imperative in order for our students to excel in their achievements.
  • We believe the infusing of high expectations upon our students will cultivate excellence in academic performance, character and success in life.
  • We believe our school must provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment to ensure students receive the instructions needed to develop their innate potential.
  • We believe each student should have a holistic educational experience that addresses the development of the mind, body and character through academics as well as extracurricular activities.


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Feb 28, 2009
The Stephen Jackson Academy

Ken Rodriguez

......The idea came from a hurricane, from wind and rain and a storm surge that displaced residents and shuffled students from shuttered schools in Port Arthur, Stephen Jackson’s hometown.

The Gulf Coast community (pop. 53,818) was reeling in 2005 and Jackson, then an Indiana Pacer, was feeling its pain. Why not, he wondered, build his own school, a place where kids could learn and his family could help? A school where everyone could play ball until parents picked them up after work?

Judyette Jackson, Stephen’s mother, shared the vision. Jack, as the Spurs’ swingman is known, plunked down $500,000. He says Port Arthur agreed to invest another $500,000. And that’s the story behind the building at 235 Proctor Street. Hurricane Rita gave birth to the Stephen Jackson Academy.

The additional $500,000 never arrived so the academy remains incomplete. Jack had wanted a school, pre-kindergarten through fifth grade at first, with another grade added each year through 12th. But financial challenges and more hurricanes forced Jack and Judyette to adjust.

So they opened an after-school center. The academy houses a gym, study rooms with computers, classrooms for tutoring, a kitchen and concession stand. For years, parents dropped off their children at the academy for learning, fun and an after-school snack. But then Judyette went back to college, and the after-school program went on hiatus.

She’s nearing completion of a bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences at Lamar University in nearby Beaumont. “I should have my degree by this summer,” she says, and then the after-school program will re-open....



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Feb 28, 2009

Jack 1 Foundation : Mission / Vision


The Jack 1 Foundation is committed to providing community initiatives that focus on youth development and empowerment regardless of socio-economic status.


Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged youth by providing opportunities through tutoring, various sports activities, and creating a viable force in the community.

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