Black Entertainment : Samuel L Jackson criticises casting of black British actors in American films


Aug 28, 2015

Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams in Get Out. Jackson said: ‘Daniel grew up in a country where they’ve been interracial dating for a hundred years.’ Photograph: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures

Samuel L Jackson has criticised the casting of black British actors in roles about American race relations.

In an interview with the New York radio station Hot 97, Jackson suggested that Jordan Peele’s satirical horror film Get Out, which starred British actor Daniel Kaluuya as an African-American man falling victim to white liberal racism, could have benefited from having an American actor as its lead.

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May 30, 2015
They should have also made the character African-English, because the character made so many racial tone-deaf mistakes that I really couldn't see a native born Black american being as dense as the main character was.


Aug 28, 2015
This was an interesting post in the comment section of the article:


SO tired of the constant 'moaning' that comes out of tinsel town - now Mr Jackson is propogating black on black. He is SO wrong when he writes that Britain is a country that has had interracial relationships for 100 years - Absolute IGNORANCE - head back to the 50's 60's and 70's and see just how many interracial relationships were 'accepted', watch a bit of Brit TV and see how 'welcome' we made our immigrants, Jeez 10 years ago my ex-wife was spat at and abused in a British High St just because we were walking hand in hand. Then again when Mr Jackson visits the UK he flies first class, lives in 5 Star luxury and shops privately at Asprey's - saw that in their TV show - so one could hardly suggest he SEES the real UK, even if his ridiculous Kangol cap doesn't have a brim. He then notes that British Actors are cheaper - perhaps that's because the americans are OVERPAID. He then knocks the 'training' well perhaps if the US stopped making actors out of no-talent reality TV personalities we'd all be better off. And finally if his argument follows - then perhaps he could ... from now on turn down ... any roles that he's offered in in British Movies ... as surely he has done enough. It's a big old world Samuel and one that most of us are happy to compete in together without boundaries on just talent alone - regardless of race !


Aug 28, 2015
Samuel L. Jackson Clarifies Comments About British Actors In African-American Roles – Update

UPDATE, 12:30 PM: Samuel L. Jackson is clarifying comments he made earlier this week about the casting of British black actors in U.S. films that deal with race relations. He says he was criticizing the Hollywood system in general, rather than other actors. “It was not a slam against them, but it was just a comment about how Hollywood works in an interesting sort of way sometimes,” Jackson told The Associated Press.

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