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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

I thought I was going to leave Rush alone until yesterday morning, (11-1-09), seeing this big clown on Fox News insult my main man President Obama. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I even contemplated resurrecting Chapter 7 of Earl Ofari Hutchinson Ph.D book: The Assassination of the Black Male Image. The chapter was all about Rush, but in was too old (1994) but its still clear and relevant today.

I want to take Rush behind the outhouse in the back of the woods and give him an old fashion Buckatunna, Mississippi butt naked *** whipping. I never been to bucketing but it just sounds nice. Anyway. Why did you go there Big Rush. Why did you have to throw down those Race Cards. You insulted the President personally and defame the office of the Presidency. You acting up just like Joe Wilson. You called President Obama a “Man-Child” and added the adjectives “immature, narcistic and Over his head”. The problem with you is the old southern connection. You’re a race addict. Just let it go man. Heal yourself. We all from the same tree man. Both our mothers jumped off the tree in Africa. We are family.

The Blackman is a Man we aren’t boys. We do not have the mind of Children. We are taught to be obedient to God like children from a respectful point of view of acknowledging our creator. Man up! We can go Man to Man you know and get a real good *** whipping. It was Sojourner truth who said “Ar’n’t I a woman? And many men marched in the Civil Rights movement carried signs declaring that they were men. When I first heard you make the insult “man-child” I thought about Malcolm X the movie when Malcolm’s father wave his pistol at men wearing white sheets telling them “I’am a man”. In the Black community we have a nickname for the fuzz or a boss and we call them “The Man”. And it always comes out in the context of “The Man” exercising authority, judgment or power recklessly. For example sometimes we say: “The man is on my back”. Black people like Juan Williams and others have given you a pass but you no longer deserve it. I have sympathy for President Obama because white people have tried to convince black people in my community in Jackson, Michigan that I have a mind of a child. I’m on a roll and not letting anyone get away with racial insults. Our former Slave masters thought we were boys and had the minds of children. You will not suceed in getting away with it this time.

Why are you Rush so strong on the tendency towards race belittlement? Rush your one of the biggest radio personalities in the nations. Your on at least 600 stations =12 stations per 50 states. I should go back in time in compare you George Fitzhugh, the archetypal white racist who owned the South’s largest circulating newspaper the Richmond Examiner. They didn’t have radios back then so I use the next best thing of the media. You and Fitzhugh thought alike. “Some excerpts of his most widely shared views:

….[The Negro is but a grown up child, and must
Be governed as a child…the Master occupies
Towards him the place of parent or guardian”
(Black Profiles in Courage by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar p77)

This book is the black version of Profiles in Courage By John F. Kennedy. Rush stop with the foolish name calling. One day someone will knock you down from the big might horse your riding.

Rush has Basically turned Obama into a Sambo charter that was childish in the minds of slaves who needed a big white dad to guide him. “The Sambo sterotype was the desire of whites to relieve themselves of the anxiety of thinking about slaves as Men” (The slave community by john blassingame p.230. This is why the first blacks were Cowboys white were Cattlemen

In conclusion. I close out with a quote from a soul brother who left me a seed to water and plant. You can’t bring back the old south. I’m warning you Rush.

“We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary”-Malcolm X
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