Black Entertainment : RUN D.M.C. SAYS HIP HOP TODAY IS CRAP?


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Feb 19, 2001

© Reuters / Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC

Run-D.M.C. rapper calls today's hip-hop culture 'disrespectful and immature'
Aug. 5, 2013, 3:10 PM EST
Run-D.M.C. star Darryl McDaniels has launched a scathing attack on modern hip-hop music, accusing today's rappers of popularizing gun and drug culture.
The hip-hop pioneer says too many current chart stars focus on negative themes in their music, without making any tracks with a positive message, and justify it by comparing their work to Hollywood movies.
Bing: Lil Wayne and U.S. flag
He tells Britain's Metro newspaper, "A rapper will use this excuse -- 'Man they don't go after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis when they make their violent movies' and I go 'If you're going to use that excuse get off the mic, don't produce. I'll personally kick your a-- out of hip-hop 'cause if you're using that excuse, go be an actor.'"
McDaniels told the paper that his group made some negative records during their heyday, but they also put out positive releases too.
"If you make a record about a gun, on that very same record or album there's gotta be a record about not using a gun. If you're making a record on the b--ch or the h--s (sic), there's got to be a record about your aunt who worked all of the days of her life to send all her children to college," he said. "It seems like stupid America celebrates a person that says 'Yeah I'm a drug dealer, I'm bringing the drugs into the hood.' The reason why hip-hop exists is because it started out with good intentions; once all the good intentions left, the music became polluted, it became disrespectful, it became immature."
McDaniels also criticizes the quality of many modern records, adding, "98 percent of hip-hop music that's out now I say is just bad demos. ... If you want to see real hip-hop you gotta go to concerts and festivals because hip-hop on (the) radio sucks."



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Apr 2, 2011
Yeah, that's what it was.....not enough detail. Nevermind Global Grind.quote="Kemetstry, post: 822272, member: 46"]The article didn't go into detail



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Oct 28, 2008
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Guess its coo for a legend of hip hop to call out todays rappers on making negative crappy music, while he wears a tshirt of a group who's lead singer commited suicide, and left behind a drug abusing alcoholic widow???

Good lookin' out Darryl...
I'm off topic, but jus sayin tho...

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