Black Poetry : Rock It Don't Stop It

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Rock it Don't Stop It

rolling in my pit not giving a **** quick to become undone out having a bit of fun
excuse me but this jam has to rhyme as I bust up the tempo from behind
back in the city looking at girls so very pretty fast cars with local bars
falling apart with the tears cheap beers strength within its fears
unto the next episode that's how we roll down to the liquor store
each of us dreams of both kings and queens with the evil ***** screams
going take down to the neighborhood like you knew I would out strolling in the hood
drinking Jimmy Bean in my new jack swing I got the hook up logical persuasion
rhymes I hold let the truth be told cause I broke the mold for i create to procreate call it fate
going take you back to the old school when I was so cool rock the house right through
these are working mans hands you all understand fish in pan making the plans
inhale the caviar with the wine then everything is so fine from behind
looking to make a deal with the phone in my hand listen if you can
y magic wand turns the beat of the song can't we all just het along
nothing heavy when I'm driving in my Chevy rock steady and I'm ready
shooting pool losing my cool I'm the nature's clown everybody's fool
hit me from below bust up the beat to increase the tempo maybe manic you know
caged in barbed wire set you straight as a gun for hire sipping on my favorite wine
the streets are not for phony's ******* want to blow me act like they own ya
stuck in the middle playing second fiddle as I go back cour on the dribble

Speak to me in hallowed out dreams with the ******* scream eating ice cream
I'm the microphone fiend with the stick in my hand ya'll understand cause I'm
protected, effective and fresh
putting you all to the test as my tender beats drop boogy down to the socks
the wind will blow on both girl and boy lest i implore another opened door to explore
serious lover cause you got me undercover smoking fat blunts in the back of my trunk
Subaru what's new with you watching old school News in review
life is a battle like a cowboy beside their cattle working on their rattle
moving faster going to prepare you for the great here after as in everything is finer
nothing could be finer then to be her vagina in the morning ******* moaning
***** ain't nothing but meat on the bone i'll suck it i'll **** it I'll leave it alone
just wait your turn one soul will rise while the other will burn
society is filled with negativity so I hide from thee to be set free eternally squeeze
going to knock to to your knees start spreading its disease as busy as a bee

Keep the flow going to know who she blowing got fish for frying I ain't lying
life is a mystery in my living out my sweet legacy comes down to you & me
fresh as 89 working on a newer line catch me as a dine everything is fine
party in the sheets came for a meet and greet going to take a peak
blowing apart at the seams in a land so very mean plug the president has it become evident
working in his high off tower is the great no it all liar burning with desire
we need to get together we are in for some stormy weather stay light as a feather
years ago let the truth be told you will do as you are told until the very rights to you are sold
carry on with the music cause i got the pops don't pop don't pop make ginger pop
reality is my mission my claim is what I'm dishing got nice dreams ahead rap riddle in my head...

See I'm going to be a star you see living out my fresh legacy I got big dreams that will last with all my friends

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