Black Poetry : Rhymes to amuse strongly But can be used wrongly Can have proud walk But can’t use loud talk In the library, flow well But like a hotel amuse guests E


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May 11, 2006
Rhymes to amuse strongly
But can be used wrongly
Can have proud walk
But can’t use loud talk
In the library, flow well
But like a hotel amuse guests
Eat a pickle and think
And be tickle pink
A winner with brain
Ready to entertain
Feel these quotes
Appeal to folks
Now see a girl
That be in world
She’s captivated the media
Have devastated the encyclopedia
Dream of romance
This scheme could enhance
And attract honeys
With facts and moneys
“SO BOO you a cute honey
Maybe in pursuit of money
A femme fatale that’s funny
She’s sight for sore eyes
he want galore pies
Gonna be at your door with tries
Speak girl can’t ignore your replies
Plan great
Like candidate
Take you to dinner boo
For an interview
You know how we do
Haters with fact yall can’t holler back
Do plenty work when she strut boys alert
Distinct and different
Sex is pink and magnificent
Victim in a system of mistaken identity
Has awaken the vicinity
Witty with words
And like the city and suburbs
Folks live here
And her quotes sincere
Right now her dress is down
Nipple on her breasts are round
Her body is hot flames
Boys approaches with top names
Comes to sex she’s an ill cure
And she will lure
Boys to speak love
And seek a club
The proper arrival
With author and title
With artistic work
Only one get it twisted is a jerk
In a plane fly solo
A boy remain for pie oh no
Misled flows
Are like a red rose
The tune could bloom
To a good doom
After that a boy throw
You in the bed and go
Crazy on it and juice flow
Proof of the truth
Is like a loose tooth
Can’t grip food
Make your lips look rude
Mixed lace
Fixed in place
Boys can’t kick the chase
Never forget to tuck my inhaler
But like a truck trailer
Get dragged around town
Her thing hot and pure
But not secure
Boys want some
LOOK BOO Have to rearrange life
But like an estranged wife
It’s hard to duck, settle many
Duals, wear metals and jewels plenty
Bling exist, spoke words
Couldn’t cope with the verbs
Ball nice
All my life
After some tall advice
On how to rap to chicks
And trap them quick
To live alone is crap sick
Talk at length
Walk with strength
Alone that evening
At home and needing
A chick quick feeding
his swell sex hormones
Got on the cell phone
Under his own steam
Had to phone a dream
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Welcome Back Sister!!
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