Black Muslims : Retarded, Mentally Crippled, Outcast and Bad Breath


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
" There is no might and no power except by way of Allaah ". The sentence preceding this is a Statement, Prayer and Glorification that The Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad ibn Abd'Allaah (570-632 : After the fall of Rome) constantly said. The Prophet Muhammad, Salutations of Allaah upon him and peace learned the saying when the Angel Jibraa'iyl, The Peace upon you and Mercy of Allaah, escorted The Prophet (SAW) through the heavens. He and The Angel witnessed the birth/creation of an angelic being and the first thing the newly created angel said was: Laa Quwwata illa billaahi.

{ during the course of a lecture a student asked: The Prophet (SAW) used to say " Wa laa hawlaa wa laa Quwwata illa billaahil Aliyyul Adhiym " - And No Might and no Power except by way of Allaah The Most High, The Supreme - So why, did the Prophet (SAW) add " wa laa hawlaa?" in front of what he heard the angel say? The Teacher replied the following: The word hawlaa not only means 'might' but its primary meaning is 'to be surrounded', to recognize what surrounds one. To perceive oneself as being surrounded one must be 'in' an environment in which they perceive themselves as 'in' a location among 'things'.
No such perception exist or is even possible being born 'In' a place wherein the only perception is through and by way of the consciousness of Allaah. There are no spaces in between the breathing and thinking in such a place. Our breathing is broken as is our thoughts and thinking. In the heavens there is only the Perception of Allaah and Allaah is Waasi'U and is not surrounded }

There was a man stricken with palsy and mental illness which made him a danger to himself and others. So he was driven into the mountains to be away from the people. The man found a cave to live in and all day and all night he danced and yelled, howled and made noises. After a time he became known only as ' that demon possessed one in the mountains ' and was ignored.
Years passed and Iysaa Ibn Mar'yaam, Salutations of Allaah upon him and Peace was journeying through the very mountain wherein lived the man in the cave and it was mid day and the man was doing what he always did. Dance and yell hysterically, staring at the sun and in various places in the sky, totally oblivious to his surroundings.
Al Masiyha Iysaa Ibn Mar'yaam (SAW) said to the man, " Oh Man, what is the cause of this speech?"
The man ignored Iysaa (SAW). Iysaa (SAW) then said, " Man, In the name of Allaah I ask you to answer me! The man ignored Iysaa (SAW). Al Masiyha Iysaa immediately went into sujuwd (or performed one Rakaat and in sujuwd) asked Allaah: Oh Allaah, I order this man in Your Name to speak and he refuses. The Glorified and Exalted sent an angel to Iysaa who said: Oh Iysaa how can one whom I have shown my glory be concerned with the world?
Al Masiyha Iysaa (SAW) fasted and worshipped for ten days in that place before resuming his journey.
There are those of us whose souls come from Allaah and are lodged in wombs and are born of women on Command of Allaah Al Mulk Al Muhyi. And there are souls created and fashioned in the heavens to an age we on earth would determine adolescent or pre-teen. These souls are called
"Ghulaam". Sometimes Allaah sends into the earth a " ghulaam" to be born into a family of earth.
Al Masiyha Iysaa was a ghulaam. And Allaah The Most Glorified and Exalted sent Iysaa into the world but allowed him to retain and speak from the knowledge of his origin; which did not begin in the womb of his mother but in the heavens.
However, not all 'ghulaam' retain the power to access the memory of their origin and the Paradise(s) and the things in it that are kept hidden and maintained as gifts for The Believers of earth. So Allaah shields their access to their memory and seals their speech so that they cannot speak of these things. Allaah has them preoccupied in their own minds, while in our world amongst us.
However some Ghulaam that have been to earth and lived with families and returned to heaven have spoken about their time on earth with those families and Allaah The Most High has revealed to us their speech; the same way Allaah reveals to us the prayers of HIS Prophets to him. Allaah is Merciful, in sharing with us the things Ibrahiym (SAW) and Muwsaa (SAW) said in Private to HIM. In Their Prayers to Him! Look how Allaah has shared secrete things with us! And Allaah shares what the ghulaam souls speak of once they have been to earth and lived with families of Adam and Hawa/Eve, Salutations of Allaah upon them both and Peace, and then returned to their place(s) in Heaven.
Al Qur'aan Sura Tuwr (52) Ayaat: 17-28.
Verse 24 mentions the " ghulaam".
Verse 26 mentions " Our family" ( i.e. ahlinaa) ; In English translations it reads 'our people'.
Sura 19 ayah 19 Allaah mentions that Iysaa is a 'ghulaam'.

Every mental impairment catalogued has to do with the memory. Be it auditory, visual or cognitive.
Allaah says in Qur'aan that HE has made our shapes beautiful. And Allaah is The Creator of Beauty.
Dhul Jalaali Wal Ikraam... Allaah measures out His Might and Its Beauty as HE Wills to any of HIS creatures as HE Wills. We belong to Allaah, all of us. Not the titles that medical Diagnosis christens our lives with.
I'll not mention how the world treats our brothers and sisters in hospitals and asylums, in homes with family members who abuse, shun and take advantage of others who do not display what we 'term' normal. The point of this note is to remind how very beautiful we all are and that No matter what, Allaah knows Best concerning his creatures and not one has been created without purpose! And we may not know the purpose; but in that let us never assume that a creature is cast off by Allaah or mentally handicapped to Allaah. All are servants.
Suppose with me this much: Suppose that they all (i.e. those suffering from any and all forms of autism - fashion word for retarded, introduced in the 70's. Very interesting how the word took Ink) are no more than servants of Allaah, placed in the earth to bare witness and stand as witnesses on The Day of Judgement. Surely they are not looked upon as credible witnesses in this life, in this society. However this society is passing and The Society of Allaah is imminent. It is The Believers/Faithful that will win (23:1) and inherit all that is good in this life and in The Life Hereafter, Al Aakhiraa.
Whereas the world has no place for the impaired, perhaps there lack of concern is explained by their preoccupation with what Allaah has placed in their hearts and minds! What we call gibberish or unintelligible speech, may be Glorifications to Allaah. After all, Does a Fasting Muslim really have bad breath? In the world bad breath; To Allaah and the residents In the Paradise we reek of sweet musk. What is deformed in the world may be of the utmost beauty and form to Allaah. We must guard our perception, train it to look at reality through The Lens and vocabulary that Allaah provides so that we may be focused strongly and resolute in encouraging what is right/good and forbidding and standing against what is Wrong/Error and putting the best speech to all news and information. May Allaah strengthen our hearts and root us deeply, deeply in Faith to HIM. May Allaah cause us to return to Him Pleased with us and Welcoming us as good caretakers of what Allaah has allowed between our hands, family and business preoccupations. May we exist and move and thrive inside the Guidance of Allaah.
The world is retarded. Progress delayed, held back in accomplishment and or development of Its intended purpose. What is so absolutely disgusting is that there ARE those as committed to its course as swallowed food.
That which is foul and evil ( as defined by The Speech of Allaah) is now accepted/lawful and okay. It is the world that is mentally crippled; seemingly refusing to enter and walk in the light; so it toils on in denial of Allaah And it will, to its purpose, be Outcast into hell; a never ending swallow. According to Allaah.
Peace be to all Brothers and Sisters Here and There, Those with you and Those away from you. May Allaah throw His Shade on Us... May We be of Those on whom Allaah Throws Shade! May Allaah cause us, allow us the wherewithal to Love and Care for all of His Creation within reach of our own two hands. May Allaah Forgive us and Show Mercy to us.
Ramadaan Mubaaraka wa As Salaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullaahi!!

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