Black Poetry : Resting In Lucifer's Content (1st time poster)


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Aug 14, 2004
I Ran
I ran so often the souls of my feet bled
Not to mention my soul
I cried
I cried so often salt was
Often the only emotion dusted on my cheeks
I watched
I watched so often others dance
Others Sing
Others Write
For praise and only…
Lucifer’s Content
The one angelic being who
Held organs as lungs
And directed heavens choir
collected the praise for the ultimate poet
The praise feeling like it was his
and the swell of his ego
Led to his Kingdom
His content.
His Sin
His continent
His con-tin-ent
Conned in it
I fell
And rested In A lucid angels demerit
Pride left me and did not right me
The crowd that loved
Could not sight me
Lucifer’s content could not
Requite me nor
provide the growth humility did
My light was suffused in liquid pride
Dimmed by a misconstrued purpose
I realized that the blessing
Rested not in the praise of collection but
In the honor of carrying the message
Inspiring the song
Passing the praise.
No longer complacent
In the content of a
misused art form of the psalmist
Lucifer’s Con-Tent
In the tent of a defrauder
Where I was the mark
Resting in a home of sin
that beckoned me dead.
Now illuminated
And enlightened
Once again sweet smelling aroma
To one omnipresent
I scribble this scribe by scripture.
Bypassing the trial of being bent
Awaking from Resting in Lucifer’s content.


* hello family of Destee :), I've been reading, watching and getting to know some of the poets(wow). I finally felt comfy enough to post somethin'. It didn't take long cause y'all are soul food poets. Much love and thanks for reading.


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May 16, 2004
wassup muse.. im glad u got luke warm .. so i could read this... it was very deep... i might have to read it again.. to have it hit me....would love to hear it in voice chat.. hopefully u'll be all warmed up by then - friday- and able to come lay it down.... thanks for blessin us wit this drop and do continue to lace us wit more..... glad u feeling this family... dont be afraid to get comfortable.

oo- and if u dont mind- wats the name mean?


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Aug 14, 2004
speak it? hmmm never saw it as a mic pice but maybe ;). Thank you for the warm welcom DaRoc, A sista surely 'preaciated dat dere. This piece speaks of me using poetry as a Christ like ministry as well as expression. The growth that erupted after writing this is something I still can not believe nor completely fathom. It's a very personal piece of peace and I hoped that the readers would discover their own content /demise....for me it was once writing for all the wrong reasons just to serve myself. Any questions bout it...let me know I don't bite (well i do but don't tell nooooooooboday):))

My name? whoa you want me to get all nerdy in hea!!! I won't go all deep on everyone but I'll say Muse is inspiration. I hope to be the deity that can get inside and well as continue to hold myself to high standard by learning those who let me in. Such as you guys sharing your poetry...I want to read, dwell, and take it to my mental enough to feel I know you. I fight for creativity and I'm not the poet with my fist always in the air (though I definitely respect that). i'm the lil' ole Muse with tha Papyrus trying to dance on the parchment ...dig? if not too bad lol...just playin. thanks again

did I just type all that? daaaaaaaaaang oops hee hee...


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Aug 26, 2003
somewhere ova da rainbow....
:wave: welcome to
glad you got comfy, just make ya self at home
and dont place the kool-aid pitcher in the frig
back empty now...:lol:
but for real this was tight..i enjoyed reading you

We have our very own voice chat
please come join us sometime
come flow this scribe....Friday
is poetry throw down...
But we do poetry anytime



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Aug 14, 2004
girl don't worry I drunk all that kool aid...but i made some mo' and you know its RED :) lol. thank you ma'am for showin amor. Lemme see what I read when you write :)

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