Black People : Reparations for Slavery??


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Nov 2, 2004
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What does White-Suprimist America owe Afrikans in America? They owe us Everything! When will they pay it, they will make a feble effort when it is too late and at a point of no return for them.
No one has to worry about getting a check in the mail from the U.S. government for the Slavery of our Afrikan Ancestors any time soon. The Ancestors who died are not happy that we have forgotten them and their sacrifices. Meany of their foolish decendint Negro children today are so in love with the Open Enemy Slavers that some of them even think they have to defend them for not being that bad and shouldn't be all put in the same category. What is worst, Afrikans in America (Most) have more respect for the White Slavers than their Afrikan Ancestors they came from, while at the same time they are all put in the same category by the U.S. Government, No Afrikan American will ever receive "White-Privilege".
Very few know any thing about the Reparations Movement and beleave only what is told to them by white news media, and only selfishly wish for a free hand out at the Ancestors expence. Ignoring the Ancestors has very grave conciquenses. What is known about the latest developments concerning the reparations bill, is it must include more than money but Land, lots and lots of Land with the self determination that goes with developing that land. The case is still open and will be for some time, because most of the Afrikans are not ready to give full support to the effort and that is what White Altra Rich America is counting on.



Jul 2, 2003
CONGRESS is still the Problem

In 1865 slaves asked for reparations. The forty acres and a mule was no fable. The Freedmans Bureau was established by Congress to collect those funds. They were later denied and the Freedmans Bureau disbanded. The Southern States won thier rights back, not to be treated as traitors. Because Congress caved and allowed them back into the Union without penalty.

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company ... [Charter and by-laws]
BY-LAWS OF THE Freedman's Savings and Trust Company.
Chartered by Act of Congress, March 3d, 1865.

By its Charter this institution is under the management of a Board of Fifty Trustees, of whom nine, including the President or one of the Vice-Presidents, are a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or adjourned meeting of the Board, except that ten affirmative votes are required to elect a Trustee.


Freedman's Savings and Trust Company ... [Charter and by-laws]

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the general business and object of the corporation hereby created shall be to receive on deposit such sums of money as may from time to time be offered therefor, by or on behalf of persons heretofore held in slavery in the United States, or their descendants, and investing the same in the stocks, bonds, treasury notes, or other securities of the United States.

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That when any depositor shall die, the funds remaining on deposit with the corporation to his credit, and all accumulations thereof, shall belong and be paid to the personal representatives of such depositor, in case he shall have left a last will and testament, and in default of a last will and testament or of any person qualifying under a last will and testament, competent to act as executor, the corporation shall be entitled, in respect to the funds so remaining on deposit to the credit of any such depositor, to administration thereon in preference to all other persons, and letters of administration shall be granted to the corporation accordingly in the manner prescribed by law in respect to the granting of letters of administration, with the will annexed, and in cases of intestacy.

Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That in the case of the death of any depositor, whose deposit shall not be held upon any trust created pursuant to the provisions hereinbefore contained, or where it may prove impossible to execute such trust, it shall be the duty of the corporation to make diligent efforts to ascertain and discover whether such deceased depositor has left a husband, wife, or children surviving, and the corporation shall keep a record of the efforts so made, and of the results thereof; and in case no person lawfully entitled thereto shall be discovered, or shall appear or claim the funds remaining to the credit of such depositor before the expiration of two years from the death of such depositor, it shall be lawful for the corporation to hold and invest such funds as a separate trust fund, to be applied, with the accumulations thereof, to the education and improvement of persons heretofore held in slavery, or their descendants, being inhabitants of the United States, in such manner and through such agencies as the Board of Trustees shall deem best calculated to effect that object: Provided, that if any depositor be not heard from within five years from the date of his last deposit, the Trustees shall advertise the same in some paper of general circulation in the State where the principal office of the Company is established, and also in the State where the depositor was last heard from; and if, within two years thereafter, such depositor shall not appear, nor a husband, wife, or child of such depositor, to claim his deposits, they shall be used by the Board of Trustees as hereinbefore provided for in this section


Officers, Finance Committee, and Trustees, 1865




Jul 2, 2003
Slaves applied until denied. No legacy. No reparations. No peace. Handed back and left to the Black Codes which were fought against Valiantly by THE HON. CHARLES SUMNER.



Above all, do not take from the loyal black man and give to the disloyal white man; do not confiscate the political rights of the freedman, who has shed his blood for us, and lavish them upon his rebel master. And remember that justice to the colored race is the sheet-anchor of the national credit."

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Dec 3, 2003
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Let's us be clear brothers and sisters as much as we like to romanticize about the White establishment paying us or making their wrongs against us right the question beckons "how do we put a price on something that is priceless?" I say this because what was taken from us was priceless because there is no amount of wealth or power that any group or race of people could be paid to have done to them what was done to us. So how does he make it right? Well here is another question. If there was a family of 17 children and both parents in a household, how could one man come into that house and take several of the families children with very little resist? Or how could boats of Europeans 30 men strong come to a continent of thousands strong and take her children with very little resistance? When we can honestly answer that question the healing will begin and we will start repairing ourselves instead of waiting for someone who could care less about us than the man in the moon to give us something he is in no position to give. Think.....



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Feb 1, 2005
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The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
Well, "slavery" is just one of the things. And as long as we stay focused on "reparations for slavery", the other stuff will just continue. (tazing, pepper spray, "well since the actual perps are dead now; 'oh yeah, we are sorry for any inconvenience you, and/or your family has experienced as a result of our high handed non-just justice.' oh, and by the way, any repercussive actions on your part will be prosectuted to the fullest extent of the law", "well, yeah; your career and life was ruined by the "inaccurate" testimonies of your accuser(s). sorry about that.".)

Frankly, when WE finally put an end to this crap (yes, WE: if they were willing to end it, they wouldn't have begun it. since it is still going on, they have no intention of stopping it. WE have to stop it!), they are gonna "owe us" so much that they won't have anything left!

Me, I feel that a good faith downpayment would be the Asteroid Belt; it's one of the few places that might have enough resources to replace the ones they've taken out of Africa. Can you imagine mining stations shipping raw materials earth-side? How about launching platforms for further outbound explorations?

Sure, y'all are gonna call me all kinds of spacey and stuff; but you would be missing a very crucial point. By the time WE get our act enough together to put an end to the atrocities, humanity will have the technology to get that far! That's how long it's gonna take for US to pull together!

Yeah, sure; y'all are gonna go on about how there is so much that needs to be done long before we can even think about getting to space, let alone ... Well, duh, captain obvious! (although that might should be "oblivous"?)

We're gonna hafta have the educational, industrial, community and fiscal infrastructure to support all that. I'd say that might should start with an African Educational System. (Teaching everything; specific African Historical Studies are good stuff for our reclining years - we need nowstory stuff! and, yes; having a good basic understanding of where we came from is useful in getting us to where we want to go, but take a look at this world today - is that completely possible with somebody else in charge of what (and how) information is available??!) ("So what are you doing about it?!!" I'm trying to help you to deal with the messes your puters keep getting into. I'm trying to point out that as long as you keep using ms, you are going to keep having these messes. I'm trying to point out that as long as you keep flocking to those flashy sites, you are going to continue to have to have computers that are insecure, and wide open to these messes. An attempt at a little bit of the needed educational stuff. Hey! I'm only one person, and this is my little bit.)

I'm sure that some of you parents, and other elders, have run across youngsters that "will just persist in "things", anyway" and have just wanted to throttle them or call them all out about it? And at most of those times, one realizes that it's just something that is just gonna hafta be learned-by-personal-experience out of. Even knowing that, sometimes one just goes ahead and goes off a little bit.

I get a lot of that everyday, right here. There are a lot of things that I'd like to respond to, but just don't have the skill to address "appropriately", but sometimes I, too, do it anyway. And I do strive not to "yell" too hard. But sometimes I just gotta try!

I got nothing but Love for ya, my Beloved African Family!!
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