Black Poetry : Reading me in the stars


Sep 8, 2005
(G.I.)- Better known as Gary,In.
Reading me in the stars​
Do you even know what u did?​
You read my soul...​
You freed my spirit it's not locked any more...​
And I wonder?...​
And I wonder?​
You have opened up my mind so I could really see what I had only imagine...​
You've shown me my sun, my moon, my in's and my out's...​
And now i have no doughts....​
And I wonder?...​
And I wonder?​
One sister said it's a new day, because of u, I really look forward to tomorrow...​
And now I really have no sorrows...​
Life is good, life is great, time to look and seek for the knowledge...​
And I wonder?...​
And I wonder?​
I wonder about you!​

Lilpea :1on1:


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
one would be surprise what dem stars may hold
i feel u brother


Well-Known Member
Jan 28, 2001
the near north

when we meet that special someone, we always wonder IF SHE CAN TRULY BE THIS SPECIAL and WHEN WILL THAT OTHER SHOE DROP because we're not accustomed to finding ALL THINGS that make us happy wrapped up in ONE PACKAGE. when it finally sets in, we still wonder IF IT CAN REALLY LAST. we do all this wondering INSTEAD OF ENJOYING WHAT WE HAVE.

enjoy your cake...and pie...and every other desert she has to offer.:)


Da Street So'ja

Jun 11, 2001
where failure is not an option
thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
great work PEA

even greater the tribute you pushed forward here poet


welcome to my side of town


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