Brother AACOOLDRE : Reading list for Egyptian LIT


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Jul 26, 2001
Recommended Reading For sources on Egyptian Lit

By Andre Austin

1. “Ancient Egyptian Literature” By Miriam Lightheim Vol. 1 & 2

2. “Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends” By Lewis Spence

3. “Osiris & Isis” By Plutarch

4. “Ancient Egyptian poetry and Prose” By Adolf Erman

5. Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection Vol.1 & 2 By E.A. Wallis Budge

6. From Fetish to God in ancient Egypt By E.A Wallis Budge

7. Stolen Legacy by George G.M James

8. Egyptian Divinities By Moustafa Gadalla

Films to see:

Caesar’s Messiah By Joe Atwill also his book by the same name from Youtube

Zieist especially the first 30 min from Youtube

Recent material:

Shakespeare Secret Messiah By Joe Atwill

Shakespeare’s Dark Lady By John Hundson

Christ in Egypt By D. M. Murdock

Did Moses Exist By D.M. Murdock

101 myths of the bible By Gary Greenberg

The Bible myth By Gary Greenberg

Black Spark white fire By Richard Poe

“Nile Valley contributions to Civilization By Anthony Browder

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