Black Women : Rantings of a Frustrated Black Wombman


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
Introducing "amateur poet" Charo R. Walker

I hate men
Not some men
But ALL ******* men
Black men
White men
Bahamian men
French men
Corporate men
Hustlin’ men
Young men
Old men
Nice men
Mean men
All about me men
Never stop talking men
Don’t know what it means to listen men
Selfish men
Have all the answers men
Egotistical men
Think that our kindness means we want to sex them men
more here....~~~>>

I think shes pretty good as a poet!
What about you?

*** note***
Hate = reject
Love - accept



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Apr 21, 2007
I don't care for man-haters...

I personally love men. If it wasn't for my dad, who is a REAL MAN, and him falling in love with my mom, I wouldn't be here.

I love men...I've been done wrong by a few men but I've also had my share of great, intelligent men who have treated me like a queen.

I'm not going to take one man's or a few men's mistakes and blame the rest.

After a period of time whose fault is it that this "man-hater" comes across the wrong men?

**Battle of the sexes topic???**
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