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My Mom used to always tell me, "Thoughts are things, and words have meaning." To be honest, I have no idea what it really meant.

Okay, I get it that we should think positive... But, "thoughts are things"? I wonder where Mom got that from.

I would love to think up millions of dollars right about now.

As a matter of fact, I think about it all the time. So, if it were so, I'd be ROLLING in cash. Cuz, at least once a day, I think how much easier my life would be if I had millions of dollars. I must be doing something wrong, if what Mom said was true.


angela merkel sideling up to ivanka trump...hmmm!!


Man I don't trust the krauts.

Why these two are sidling up to each other is puzzling to me.

I mean during WWII the czechs and the krouts were at loggerheads

The krouts set out to exterminate the czechs, and the czechs took their revenge and set out to exterminate the krouts.

All I can think of is what Obama said:

If Britain leaves the EU the US would be forced to deal with germany as the main gateway to europe.

Interesting times.

f/k the eu.


The eu commission i.e., the eu's executive body, obviously including its president are not directly elected by the peoples of europe...hmmm?

Moreover I, nor anyone in my family have ever considered ourselves european...f/k that for a lark.