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Jun 18, 2004
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It was and is much easier for the black women than it is for the black man. Black women or any woman can deal with oppression due to subjugation much better than a man. It is more of a female nature to be submissive to male authority than a male, even when both are experiencing the same oppression from subjugation. I have asked several women whom would they prefer to have in a position of authority over them. To my surprise the majority said they would rather have a male than a female.

Males rivalry for dominance, control, and power is much more fierce among them than male vs. female rivalry. Heck, males will fight to the death. The majority of runaways slaves were males. Female slaves often could use their femininity , sexuality, and charm to have a persuasiveness over old master. In other words, she used it as a strength.

So the black female had to take up the slack. And she had to find strength to do it. It was religion and the love for her children that helped her. But her real strength lies in the ability to be able uplift, comfort, and support the black male. I find too many black women lacking that kind of strength. Instead they want to demean, degrade, and criticize him, then brag about how strong they are when in all actuality they are showing serious signs of weakness.
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going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
Let's not confuse strength with being rigid or inflexible. In fact, the strength that has been attached to the Black woman is rooted in her ability to be flexible, adaptive, strategic, courageous and protective. However, if and when she finds herself in an environment that labels these as negative traits and there is no support system that allows her to act on them without penalty, it may cloud her vision but never weaken her resolve. Solution: support/love Black women so that she can birth and help raise a healthy Black nation.


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Jun 14, 2018
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