Jails / Prisons : Racism of Black Prison/Employment


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May 3, 2002


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Mar 17, 2002
boringham, alabama
i took the time 2 read the 1st article, 'mass black incarceration is white social agression', it's lengthy but well worth the time. i also read several other articles at this site & then added it 2 my favorites.

:thanks: happy69 4 bringing this site 2 our attention. :toast: i like what they hv 2 say.


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
I have stated on several occasions that the mass imprisionment of black people (especially black males) in this country, goes beyond punishing criminals. It is a concentrated effort to depower the African American community by taking away our political (the right to vote) and economic (the right to a decent job) power. I am violently opposed to convicts losing their suffrage rights. If they have completed their debt to society, then why punish them further? The effect of this law is to make the clause in the constitution, that Negroes are 3/5 of a person true (which was put in the constituion to depower blacks in heavy concentrated areas like S. Carolina). As a community we should never look at statistics like Blacks make up 60% of the prison population, and walk away thinking that it is proof of the natural criminal tendecies of our people. Instead we should like at injustices in the court system, which sentences blacks for lengthy prison terms for crimes that white people only get probation for.


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May 3, 2002
True P.A.
But beyond that what are We to do?
We still can have some true political clout if most of Us vote.
No one is arguing your point of the Genocidal tactics of the Criminal Justice System. How can We-you are correct. Some things are being done; in some States they have restored voting rights... I think it will happen elsewhere.
Finally, because the outcry is getting louder, People are starting to look at the falacious sentencing guides between Black and White. I mean, not to make light of it; but We know that this goes on everywhere. I read that in Hawaii almost 90% of those in jail are the male native Hawaiians!!! Asians and whites are in their "state" and have jailed the natives and taken over; similiar in Jamaica--very similiar!
We and Jews are the minorities with the highest voting rates in this country.
Jews make up just about 4% of the population- yet they have more political clout than any other minority; and in a lot of cases more clout than their white american cousins. They vote, they help themselves and each other first, and they stick together...We are about 35 million strong?

This is no time for Us to be giving up Our BirthRights. This is no time for Us not to leverage Our true power; And this is surely no time for Us not to do what Our Fore Parent's already did... go around those who want to block Us.

With all the destruction that some Rappers and "Hip-hoppers" bring with them, let's give them credit for something; they have enough sense to own their products (in more and more cases); and use their monies in constructive ways- although most are still just about having the material and don't have a pot to piss in...

We have to make Our entertainers more responsible. If they ain't doing for the community; We have to not support them. Again, We are too "something" to do this...and make sure that We take care of the ones who do.

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