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Jun 18, 2004
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Are you having what seems to be insurmountable difficulties in your life interests-career, health, family and relationships, business and finances, legal, etc.-or would like to enhance your abilities for success? Well, you can take full control over any and all events in your life.
You must know that events in life are not controlled by circumstances and natural born talents. One of the greatest achievements of ancient Egypt is, on one side, the knowledge that all events in the universe are the products of energy. This includes your way of thinking, emotions, talents, attitudes, your life path with the challenges and opportunities that occur in it.
And on the other side is the knowledge of how to manipulate, and control the energies that are responsible for your talents, opportunities, health, wealth, and so on. In the same manner that western science has identified and learned to manipulate atoms (chemistry) and physical forces (electricity, magnetism, and the host of subatomic forces), the ancients identified the effects that different sounds exert on man's mental and psychological faculties. This is the science behind the use of mantras, or hekau, or words of power.

Ra Un Nefer Amen
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