Black Entertainment : R. KELLY AT IT AGAIN!!!


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Nov 2, 2009
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So basically, these families don't like R Kelly so they're gonna throw some explosive words into the mix and polarize the whole situation.
Yep. The language is the key. It's really deliberate. One of the father's video about Rkelly and his daughter ends with a montage of his daughter as a little girl.. making it seem like Rkelly is messing with a little girl. With the number of media-outlets covering this story.. from the BBC to Shanaenae's blog.. you'd think the language would vary more. My first impression was that Rkelly was in trouble with his label or something.. It all reminded me of the Michael Jackson case and that billion dollar Beatles Catalog that he put up as collateral for his Neverland Ranch. The coverage was too instantaneously everywhere with almost the same language.
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