Black Entertainment : R&B Singer Gouges Out Eye After Suicide Attempt


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Apr 4, 2002
Following a suicide attempt, R&B singer Houston has gouged out his eye while on an overseas performance junket.

A brief statement was released Wednesday by his Capitol Records label, saying only, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Houston during this tragic time."

According to sources, the singer first attempted to jump out of a London hotel window last Thursday. Prevented from doing so by his security staff, Houston was locked in his room, at which time the injury occurred. No additional details as to his current condition or whereabouts have been disclosed.

Featured in a McDonald's commercial, Houston's 2004 hit single "I Like That" peaked at No. 11 on the Hot 100 singles chart. The song also featured Chingy, Nate Dogg and I-20.

Houston's debut album, "It's Already Written," has sold 208,000 units to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan, having peaked at No. 14 on The Billboard 200.


Jun 10, 2004
More details please, as in the REAL story, and not the story that the media WANTS you to believe.



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Jun 22, 2004
He was diagnosed as a manic depressive last year and had been treated. I don't know if he was still being treated. The gouging was his second attempt at suicide. The first time, he tried to jump out of the thirteen story window of his hotel in london but his bodyguard intervened. They transferred him to a room on a lower floor and that's when he gouged his eye out. Hopefully, he's getting the treatment he needs and not just being doped up!


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Aug 14, 2004
That's some deep stuff right there. Oh wow, I hope he's alright. I have a friend who's manic depressive, it's a serious issue. hopefully he gets better. Anybody have a website where this information can be confirmed?

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