Black Relationships : Question for the Brothers

Mike Ramey

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Jul 26, 2002
Ohh, Nia!

What do men do after they 'wake up'?

Same thing sisters do--Hit the 'New Topic' Button:jumping:

And...keep on going!

I think we're getting a little 'too' series up in here! C'mon Fam, we could 'boot' this around all day, but the reality is going to come like the 'light' at the end of the tunnel:

1) When one gets over a bad relationship

2) When one finds a new relationship

3) When one learns how to accept themselves as God made them!

Mike Ramey

Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
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Can we be honest, here?

I can not recall having EVER heard of any serious act committed against anyone who has conceived/bore a child "illegitimately". By "illegitimately", I mean someone stepped out and made a child with someone outside their marriage or "committed" relationship. Now I HAVE heard about folk getting beat down, shot, cut up when caught in the act of cheating.

But it seems to me that most folk take the passive approach when they don't have really HARD facts, especially when the cheater adamantly denies having cheated, and in the case I have presented in this thread, especially when the female insists the child is her husband's or her significant other's, regardless of the absence of resemblance.


Nov 9, 2002
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Who's Child?

:angel1:Tragically, if the child is not the husband’s biological offspring, then the wife is guilty of a twofold deception. First, she has lied to her mate about who truly fathered her child, and she is lying to her child about the identity of its biological father. No matter what the mother’s ulterior motives were, she ultimately runs the risk of undermining her relationship with both stepfather and child. Since the ground of all intimate relationships is composed of trust and self-disclosure, her failure to disclose her prior relationship represents a breech of that sacred trust and places both relationships in jeopardy.

Naturally, her infidelity will breed resentment, suspicion, and contempt within her present husband, but the innocent child will also grow to feel that he or she is a pawn in a game being played by his or her mother. Without doubt, the child will want to know who its true biological father is and grow to resent his or her mother for lying about his identity.

Additionally, there is the question of financial support of the child. Should the true father of the child be required to pay child support? :bomb:
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