Black Relationships : Question for the Brothers

Mike Ramey

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Jul 26, 2002
I'd like to ship this one out...

Now, I've known some really brave women who have been raped in their lifetimes. One was a housewife, and another was a police officer. Both of them--and their husbands--made the decision to keep the children, and the marriages grew stronger, instead of weaker.

Not only this, but they helped to inspire other rape victims.

The Bible holds that adultery is GROUNDS for divorce. IF both parties can forgive each other and themselves, then the marriage can be saved...which is the objective.

Now, let me throw this proviso in here. That is IF both sides WANT to have their marriage saved. Sometimes, no matter how much we would like to 'think' that we are enlightened and tollerant, the basic, bottom line denominator is "I don't know".

I've read and seen marriages restored for a LOT worse than a child born out of the marriage bond. :love:

Would you kick your child to the curb if they didn't get on the Honor Roll at school? If you WANT mercy, you have to SHOW mercy.

Nuff Said :cool:

Mike Ramey
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