Black Spirituality Religion : **Psychic Forum Game** HEAVEN OR HELL?


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Oct 13, 2006
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It is said that Heaven and Hell exist within the mind. They are states of mind. That even now we bring into manifestation the Heaven or Hell that our minds are creating from within. If this is true, it means that choices we commit in reality somehow map out choices we have already made from inside our selves.

We all have psychic abilities. Some of us have abilities that are more fine tuned than others, but we know for certain we can call catch a glimpse of truth even from a simple guess.

This game is designed to prove a point, and perhaps to confirm a certain truth about our minds and psychic abilities. It is not meant at all to promote any belief systems, in religion, in spirituality, or any occult- it can actually be fun- but we all know entertainment is a way to educate the subconscious by distracting the conscious.

What this game communicates will depend on those that choose to play it.



This is very simple and easy.
First we need a "Server."
Second we need 21 blank cards, or 21 pieces of notebook paper. Yellow stickies will do. (Any type of paper you can write on will do, just make sure you have 21 separate pieces.)
Third, we need members willing to play at least 3 rounds.

The Server is the person who starts in game. In this case it's me- for now.
The Server is also the person who has the 21 cards. These cards are kept in a place the Server can "concentrate" on. Very important. This means the 21 cards must be kept, on your desk. In a book. Under the table. It doesn't matter where you keep them. So long as it's a place you can visualize in your mind.

The game will go for 3 rounds, using 7 cards for each round.

You can use blank business card paper, or just regular paper torn off into 7 pieces. On one side of each card you will write a number. Just one. It could be any number. You have 7 cards, so you need 7 numbers. No repeated numbers- we will use numbers 1-9.

On the opposite side of the card, you will "choose" to write- either a Blessing or a Curse. Hummm, now it gets interesting right? Now if you're an Artist, you can draw a symbol that summons up your blessing or curse. But for everyone else, you can just write a short sentence.

So for example. A "blessing" could be as simple as:


A "curse" could be as simple as:


It's up to the Server to design the blessings and curses to their liking. It's up to Server how profound or horrible they could be. It's up to the Server if ALL 7 cards are Blessings or Curses. You can mix them up, or you don't have too. It's your choice.

Sample list of Blessings:
Making money for you is easy.
Everyone loves you for you.
Times get hard, but you always get over it.
You will heal from this.

Sample list of Curses:
May all your victims find you.
You are the lowest form of life on Earth.
You will choke on your hatred and die.
Nothing will go right for you, ever.

So this is how it works. The Server prepares the cards 7 at a time, at least for each round. Once the Server has the 7 cards prepared- a number on one side, and a Blessing or a Curse on the other side. Lay the cards of papers face down on your table, only the numbers on the cards should be visible. And simply concentrate on them, give them a powerful stare, and leave them alone.

Now the numbers you have picked for the 7 cards, should be posted into the forum. So for example:

1st round serve:
3, 7, 8, 4, 2, 9, 1

Any participating forum member has the opportunity to pick only 3 numbers. We will pick only 3 numbers for each round. In the end everyone should have a total of 9 picks.

For each round the process is repeated again. I know the Server will want to create all 21 cards at once. This is fine, so long as you remember to give those cards your "full attention" energy and concentration. Some Servers will want to create different "styles" of Blessings and Curses for each round, doing so will make the game interesting.

This is up to the Server as well:You can reveal the cards at the end of each round, or at the end of the final round. It's up to you.

So for example if a member picks: 3,4,8. You can give that member their verdict at the end of each round. Or you can wait until they have 9 numbers in total and just hit them with the verdict all at once.

Basically- when your Blessings outweigh your Curses you go to Heaven. But if your Curses outweigh your Blessings- guess what? Didn't I say this has nothing to do with religion, I did right?

So what will this game prove?
We shall see.

First Serve- coming up shortly.



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Oct 13, 2006
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First Round Serve


Each person can choose up to 3 numbers. Remember behind each number is a blessing or a curse laying wait. Choose wisely. Focus on each number and perhaps it will reveal something.

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